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Preston Ponds


Latitude: 50.55758 | Longitude: -3.606843

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Chudleigh, Newton Abbot, Devon


The Preston Ponds are reached by driving through Kingsteignton towards Chudleigh on the B3193, and are found primarily around (g.r.863744). They are approximately 2 miles from central Newton Abbot. Bailiff Mike Smith ensures comfortable and safe fishing for all on these 4 ponds.


Key Transport (Full Members Only - Key to gate required)
The entrance and car park for this water are about 100 yards past the Toll House (g.r.863741) that is adjacent to the roundabout on the Chudleigh Road. The gate has an Association padlock. This is one of our most popular match waters with skimmers, bream, big roach, rudd, perch and tench, and crucians of over a pound. The pole and feeder prove to be the most effective methods when using worm or casters with some excellent catches in the summer evenings.

Eddison Pond (Open to all)
Eddison is a small water that is just past Hewdon Hire, about 200 yards on the right further on from Key Transport. Parking is on the roadside from where the Pond is just visible. Do not confuse this pond with Abbrook Pond, (water belonging to Exeter Angling Association), which is on the sharp bend before Hewdon Hire. Most species are present with tench, crucians and mid-double carp. Pole and waggler work well, fished with maggot or casters. Stepped up gear is recommended if targeting the larger carp.

Sawmills (Open to all)
A larger water of about 3 acres, located directly behind Eddison. The water is coloured by the run-off from the local clay works. A few anglers take one look at the colour of the water and are put off from fishing, don't be! Skimmers, bream, tench, carp and roach are all caught here with the roach of 1lb plus and the odd perch pushing 3lbs. There are a number of bigger carp to twenty pounds as well as rumours of a single large catfish in the pond. A number of well-respected local carp anglers have hooked something large in this water on numerous occasions, being smashed up on each occasion! Only one side of this pond is accessible.

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A good set of ponds just outside kingsteinton and good silverfish fishing!


Well maintained ponds


Very well maintained. Good for skimmers and bream. Big carp in sawmills. In Key Transport the perch runs into 3lbs and big Eels and tench too, but overall very good silverfish waters.








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