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Lathom Fisheries


Latitude: 53.60615 | Longitude: -2.829624

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Warpers Moss Lane, Burscough, Ormskirk, Lancashire L40 4AJ L40 4AJ

01704 893914


The fishery now boasts 4 lakes, situated right next to each other, offering the angler a choice of either, and making it easy to swap from one to the other. All are well stocked with a variety of fish including Carp to 30lb, Tench to 7lb, Barbel to 6lb and Roach to a magnificent 3lb. There are also Bream, Orfe, Chub, Rudd and Perch making up a splendid variety.


Pool 1
Pool 1 has a depth of around 5'. It also features an island in the bay at the far end, and has 30 pegs available. This is the match pool and holds barbel and chub to 5lb, carp to 10lb, bream to 5lb, tench and roach.

Pool 2
Pool 2 is on average 8' deep and holds the specimen fish with carp to 30lb and has 24 pegs. In here are carp, ghosties, barbel, bream, tench, perch and roach.

Pool 3
Pool 3 is well stocked with plenty of fish up to around the 4lb mark. It has carp, chub, orfe, F1s, roach and tench and is an ideal learners pool.

Pool 4
Pool 4 has been recently stocked with small barbel but also holds carp to 10lb, F1s, orfe, tench and roach.

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An excellent well laid out fishery with friendly and helpful staff and owners John the bailiff is always on hand with a tip or 2 and the cafe has plenty of room to have a meal or a snack they do an awesome bacon and egg barm cake reasonable prices to fishing for everyone here old and new rules and regs in the pay office £5 to fish tidy your peg and put your rubbish in the bins provided now that's not rocket science but believe me some people cannot get to grips with that one but overall a nice clean well run fishery will be back for more and my egg and bacon sarnie


Full day on junior pond very good



Bread on the float rod and meat on the carp ros





Golden Orfe






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