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None go bye farm

West Yorkshire

Latitude: 53.87281 | Longitude: -1.63614

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Otley Old Rd, Horsforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS18 5HZ LS18 5HZ

0113 2842206


Has 3 well stocked ponds.


Our large and well stocked ponds provide a perfect day out fishing. You will almost certainly bag yourself a good-sized carp or two. Passes are available in our farm shop all year round.

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Good fishing most of the year one of the best spots I know


Normally a good days fishing


Fantastic day fishing. 22 fish caught in 5 hours. Float fishing with worm works a treat then finished off with a bit of feeder to catch a 21lb carp. See you there


Good facilities, mainly had silver fish and Bream


Nice looking grounds. There are too many Roach / Silverfish in the smaller pond become a bit of a pest the day I was there . Witnessed a few carp pulled out between all the silverfish but these were only small Common carp under 3 pound . We did not fish the match pond or the larger one so I can not comment .

Sam Hubbard

Stunted with tiny fish very difficult to catch carp on normal meat and corn tactics



Don't fish the match pond


Worm defo a winner

chris rawson

never leave home without a bag of micro pellet for feed and flsh a 6mm expander on hook.good old spam is one of the best carp catchers here.never leave your rod unnatended or you will lose it.there is a 20something cat fish in middle lake

Sam Hubbard

The easiest way to catch carp from here is by using big surface baits To avoid the pecking Rudd and silvers


Surface baits or pellet waggler best for the carp; lots of small silvers. Tin of Spam worth keeping in you tackle box..


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