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Yeadon tarn


Latitude: 53.87013 | Longitude: -1.675017

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LS19 7

01532 784 445


Park with lake that can be fished


You can get tickets from the Aireborough and District Angling Association.

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Been fishing here couple of times it's good fishing but when people walk round the back of you all the time you have to be care full and it can get quite annoying after a while.


Not an easy water, but well worth the effort to fish. Because it is fairly shallow then the fish tend to run. Day tickets are available on the bank or at the ice cream van or in local tackle shops. Species include carp to 30lb, tench, roach and big perch. No pike. Boats can be a nuisance as it's also a taught club and has model boats on a Sunday morning. Popular with walkers and families. For more info call Steve on 07738 902 397. Good luck.


Full of carp! I fished it twice this week and had 7 carp on Tuesday and 2 on a 2 hour session with my 4 year old son! Fish to the Island and fish hi vis pop ups! I use mainline clockwork orange! Use pva bags of pellets! Fruity baits seem to produce more than fish meal! That might be just me but ideal for catching fish! Never had a twentie buy loads of low doubles!!



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