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Coking Farm Fishery


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Coking Farm Fishery West Stour Gillingham Dorset SP8 5SF SP8 5SF

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Coking Farm Fishery is a well managed coarse fishery located in the heart of the Blackmore Vale, on the A30, half way between Henstridge and West Stour. The fishery consists of 5 well-stocked lakes catering for everyone from the serious match angler to the weeklong session carp angler wishing to pit his wits against the wariest of carp. There is a lake to cater for everybody’s taste and preferred method of fishing. The lakes average 4 acres each, which we believe is a nice size, not too big and not too small.


Woodland Lake
Tucked away on the edge of Fifehead woods is Woodland Lake, which is the harder of the 2 specimen lakes, containing approximately 220 carp and 30 catfish. There is a good head of 20lb plus fish and 6 known 30lb plus fish. The depth of the lake is between 8 and 15 foot and can prove challenging but in the right conditions can produce some great catches. The lake is about 3.5 acres in size and has plenty of features to aim for. Boillies are the fishes preferred food but they love surface baits in the right conditions. The swims can be reserved over the telephone or the whole lake can be booked for a reduced rate.

Oak Lake
Oak Lake is our new specimen lake, which is 4.5 acres in size and has an average depth of 6 foot. The lake is stocked with 350 carp ranging from mid double to upper 20s. All the fish have been grown on in our stock ponds and Meadow Lake originally supplied by local fish farmer Andy Parker who has built up a great reputation supplying very attractive and fast growing carp all over the UK. The lake contains approximately 100 plus fish in the 20lb - 29lb bracket many of which will soon go over 30lb over the next year or two. We expect some great catch reports from this lake next year as the water warms up. The lake can be booked so a specific swim can be reserved or the whole lake is available for booking at a reduced rate.

Long Lake
Long lake is our other new lake and is what we call our runs lake. It is 4.5 acres in size and the depth ranges from 4 - 8 foot. The lake contains a massive head of carp between 5lb and 20lb. The lake is best suited for those who want some fast action carp fishing with all methods working well for big catches of common and mirror carp. The lake can be booked in the same way as the other lakes.

Meadow Lake
Meadow Lake has been there for a few years now and has turned from a carp lake into our new match lake. The lake is 4.25 acres in size and depths vary between 6 foot and 15 foot. The lake is heavily stocked with carp between 2lb and 6lb, tench up to 5lb, bream up to 5lb crucians up to 2lb roach up to 2lb. We expect some huge match bags from here over the coming season but is also a great venue for a day's pleasure fishing. Match booking are taken, phone Chris.

Rush Lake
Rush Lake is our existing match lake that is about 2.75 acres in size and depths vary from 11 foot to 8 foot. Rush Lake has 30 pegs on it and is perfect for smaller matches of 10 to 30 people. Rush lake almost always produces match weight over 100lb in the summer months and also occasionally in the winter months. The great thing about matches on Rush Lake is that everyone weighs in a good bag each time. Pleasure bags sometimes are estimated at 200lb plus on many occasions. There are some great Tench and Crucians to be had from the lake with the biggest tench so far weighing in at 8.11lb with anglers often reporting fish in the 6-8lb bracket and 2lb plus crucians a regular occurrence. There is a good head of bream in there up to 8lb and roach and rudd up to 3lb. Rush Lake always fishes well in any conditions.

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Quality venue. Woodlands is clearly the best lake, not easy but some rewarding cats and big carp



The double peg produces very well along with the island pegs 2,3 and 4








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