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Blagdon Lake


Latitude: 51.33423 | Longitude: -2.698781

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Blagdon, Bristol, Avon

01275 332339


Blagdon Lake covers 440 acres. The long, narrow shape makes it ideal for both boat and bank fishing.


There are deep basins and long banks to drift over, plenty of points and promontories for access to deeper areas as well as shallow, sheltered bays of quieter water. Most of the seven-mile perimeter has easy bank access but to explore the more remote areas a boat is the answer - no noisy petrol engines - just peace, quiet and screaming reels!

Day and afternoon bank permits are available from Blagdon and Woodford Lodges. No fishing is allowed from the Dam, or in the streams at Butcombe and Top End.

Key Species:

  • Brown Trout
  • Rainbow trout

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Lovely venue I had a good day. Two things to point out is that you can only book a boat if there are two people fishing & if you want an engine you need to book them with Blagdon boat engine hire. All in all I good venue for both boat and bank I only rated a 4 because of booking policy.


Brown Trout

Rainbow Trout




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