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Litton Reservoirs


Latitude: 51.29509 | Longitude: -2.589151

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Litton, Radstock, Avon

01275 332339


Two reservoirs noted for Brown and Rainbow Trout fishing. Run by Bristol Water Fisheries.


The Lower Lake
Lower Litton is a shallow, tree lined 8-acre lake. The water is deepest near the dam and there are weed beds over much of the shallower areas. There is a Fishing Lodge at the waterside with veranda, tables, chairs and barbecue for use by you and your guests.

The Upper Lake
Upper Litton (11 acres) is much deeper than its sister lake and very different in character. Long and narrow with steep sides, and a stream flowing in at the top end, it can call for rather different tactics.

Key Species:

  • Brown Trout
  • Rainbow Trout

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