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Latitude: 53.00256 | Longitude: -2.342059

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Church Lane, Betley, Crewe CW3 9AY CW3 9AY

01270 820528


Brookside fishery is situated in a peaceful surrounding on the Cheshire/ Staffordshire border. We have 2 lakes stocked with a variety of coarse fish of different sizes up to 25LB and Roach up to 3Lb providing an enjoyable days fishing for both the beginner and experienced angler.


The Specimen Carp Lake, also known as the ‘top pool’ is for pleasure fishing only. It has recorded weights of Carp of up to 28.0lb and Roach up to 3.0lb, with 36 well-spaced out swims. There are hard standing or grass positions so you can choose your position to your taste.

The depth reaches 14 feet in the middle and is in a superb setting in the Cheshire and Staffordshire countryside over-looking the Welsh hills, perfect for those fishermen who appreciate pleasant, peaceful surroundings. There is strictly no pole fishing on this pool and no children allowed under 16 year old. Recommended baits luncheon meat, sweet corn, maggots and bread.

The Match Lake, also known as the ‘bottom pool’ is heavily stocked with a mixture of carp – common, mirror and leather (to 18lb); roach (to 3.0lb). There is 30 swims with steep slopes creating a good depth of water tight to the features, with depths reaching 16 feet in the middle. There is a small island in the centre which overhangs with conifers and birch trees creating a haven that attract plentiful fish. Both poles and rods can be used on this pool.

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I fished here for the first time on Saturday and had about 150lb of carp in 8 hours 26 in total. According to some of the lads on there it wasn't fishing to well due to the recent cold weather but I wasn't complaining. Very enjoyable day and will definitely be back. Although a little pricey at £8.50 for a day ticket I felt it was money well spent. The fish I caught averaged about 6lb the biggest being 11 but I believe there are carp up to 26lb in there. Well worth the hour drive and I would definitely reccomend.


Love this place, one a chuck!



Corn or bread fished tight in the margins over micro pellets bought from their shop worked a treat for me. I'm sure floating bread would work well also as I threw some in as I was packing up and there were at least 10 carp fighting for it.


Don't get on the wrong side of the owner as he is a miserable prick


A rod, landing net, 10 loaves of bread an 75 fish all of the top. Easiest fishery ever








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