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Latitude: 52.02754 | Longitude: -2.161133

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Cherry Orchard Lane, Twyning, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 6JH GL206JH

01684 296719


Hillview Lakes offers a total of five acres of water on an eight acre site. The two lakes and four canals are set in attractive countryside with an abundance of wildlife on and around them. Owner Keith Hill dug the first lakes, Moorhen and Heron, in 1990, started work on Canals One and Two eight years later to cater for the increasing demand for match angling, and dug Canals Three and Four in 2000.


It is popular with experienced and inexperienced anglers and novices as well as families looking for a pleasant day out by the waterside where they can be sure of catching plenty of fish.

Pleasure anglers and those after the bigger carp will probably opt to fish Moorhen or Heron lakes, both of which are rectangular in shape with central islands. Moorhen has plenty of bankside vegetation with yellow irises which flower in late spring whilst both have other clumps which provide cover - useful for those who want to fish close in by the side where the fish patrol in summer.

Many pegs on the fishery are also suitable for disabled anglers who should drive to the far end of the car park where they can leave their vehicles on the same level as the lakes. Although the Canals will be more of a struggle for disabled anglers to reach, they should be able to find plenty of suitable pegs on Moorhen and Heron.

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Spent a week here staying with the family in one of the well equipped on site lodges. Great value and if you want a peaceful break it's perfect. The fishing is good and you will catch all species of fish no problem! You can always get a good spot on any of the lakes but it does get busy when there's a match on but you can still fish without problem. The owner keith is helpful and friendly and there was an onsite shop and cafe where u could buy bait and get yourself a breakfast and a brew. Toilets are good too!


Superb fishing. We've just spent 2 weeks holiday here. All lakes fished well, with a variety of baits such as meat, sweet corn and pellets working well (meat particularly). Pole or waggler fished close in on all waters will catch. Rigs can be kept very simple.



Due to the fish having no lips....when the float goes under....count to 3 then strike ;)




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