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Stanton Lakes


Latitude: 52.54198 | Longitude: -1.260838

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Broughton Road, Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire LE9 4JA LE9 4JA

01455 283043


The fishery consists of 2 lakes. A larger 18 acre specimen lake and a smaller nursery lake.


Both lakes are well stocked with the larger fish being found in the 18 acre lake but there are still some big fish left in the smaller lake. Rules are simple but strict. All swims are very accessible, many of which cater for the disabled via the track around the site. The Carp fishing can be hectic at times with most baits catching fish, so don't be afraid of putting a bit in because these fish can eat! The pike feed well in all conditions with sea and course dead baits working well.

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First trip and chose to do a night on the big lake. Not the cheapest at £20 for 2 rods, then £3 for an extra rod....they could do with looking at that pricing! Still work going on at the fishery so it was a long and bumpy walk with the barrow. Couldn't fault the sport, 15 fish up to 18lb 14oz. Single Boilie, fished on the deck over a spread area of singles did the damage. A lot of high singles in there, so be prepared to have regular runs. Would probably only day ticket this in future, due to cost for nights and the lack of any really big fish in there. Day ticket is about £7 for two rods.



If fishing for carp on a day ticket, stay light and mobile. Fishing a single hookbait with a pva bag or stringer of freebies will bag you some fish






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