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Latitude: 52.38736 | Longitude: 1.198196

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New Lodge Farm, Dickleburgh, Diss, Norfolk IP21 4PH IP21 4PH

07706 48 30 84


Nestled close to the Waveney Valley in beautiful South-Norfolk countryside Airfield Lakes has been created to provide action packed specimen carp fishing.


Mustang Lake
Mustang Lake is a specially designed five acre carp lake set on secure private farmland. A huge amount of research and effort has been made in the construction of this venue to ensure day or session anglers of all levels of experience stand excellent chance of catching lots of quality carp.

The average depth of the lake is 7ft, the deepest part of Mustang is 13ft. There are a number of clay bars and humps on the bottom to make the fishing more interesting. The margins have been planted with over 15 varieties of reed and sedge along with some lily pads to create excellent margin sport and stalking opportunities.

Spitfire Pool
Spitfire Pool remained completely private and un-fished for 15 years. It is only in the last six years that a very limited amount of angling has been allowed during the night only in the spring and autumn months. In these trials some truly magnificent carp have been caught and spotted. But during the spring of 2010 Spitfire Pool hit the national headlines when it produced a stunning, previously unknown 48lb 4oz common.

To ensure the carp in Spitfire Pool continue to thrive and enjoy an unpressured environment, the Pool will only be open for 10 weeks a year. Five of these weeks will be in spring and five in autumn on a week on week off basis. Only a maximum group of three anglers will be allowed on at the same time.

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