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Albury Estate - Weston


Latitude: 51.22186 | Longitude: -0.490914

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Albury, Surrey GU5 9AF GU5 9AF

01483 202323


Weston Fishery offers three lakes fed by spring water totalling 6 acres, with plenty of bank space and open back cast area, and all with a good average depth.


All three lakes here are dedicated rainbow waters, Main lake and the lower Millhouse lake, together with the uppermost Wood Lodge Pool which offers nymph and dry sport in.

An average weight of 2lb 8oz for rainbows is enhanced by a good proportion of larger fish stocked well into double figures.

The lakes are rich in buzzer, olive, damsel, sedge, whilst the river has helped to seed an excellent mayfly hatch.

The lakes are stocked up to four times a week.

Key Species:

  • Rainbow Trout

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