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Gilmore Ponds

North Yorkshire

Latitude: 54.08177 | Longitude: -1.631779

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Harrogate, North Yorkshire


Gillmore Ponds is a venue with two farm ponds in North Yorkshire.


The bigger pond holds a lot of small Carp and Roach and some Tench. Blue Orf have surprisingly beenn caught there as well as Barbel, Rudd and Perch.

The second pond is a lot smaller but holds much bigger fish with Carp up to 25lb. Fish of around 13lb are caught daily in the summer there are also lots of Roach and big Rudd and also some monster Perch up to 4lb.

No night fishing.

Key Species:

  • Carp
  • Roach
  • Tench
  • Rudd
  • Perch

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Sam Hubbard

A family run fishery great fun in the summer because of the very relaxed fishery rules any method is basicly welcome here awfull in the winter though

Sam Hubbard

Had my 1st double from the top lake off the top great scrap and good to fish this place again would recommend!!!


Great little lake, top lake has a good head of carp to double figures!! Good fishery with friendly owners


When last night and had 4 to 5 lb all off the top


The site has 2 lakes the top lake is much easier but the average size us smaller and the bottom lake has bigger fish and is harder. Is £4 a day for juniors for 2 rods and £6 for adults for 2 rods I think


On a recommendation from Northern Angling in Ripon, had an evening at the lake and really pleased I did. Will be back to catch some more.


Sam Hubbard

Try to fish the islands when ledgering and margins in evening and morning for biggest fish use luncheon meat corn

Sam Hubbard

Bait up a swim right in the margin as far away from when you are fishing as possible then keep throwing in more bait eg maggots or meat then just before closing time go back their and free line a worm or a peice of meat and wait I've never had to wait more than a few minuits for a bite you detect it by watching the line If you do this in summer or winter just use less bait in winter And you have a great chance of catching a good sized fish!!! Mostly carp though I'm sure this would work at most fisheries as the swim does not get disturbed for the whole day this can catch big fish!!! At this perticular lake!!! Just my tip on catching big fish here or anywhere else for that matter as I'm sure it would work a treat!!!

Sam Hubbard

Great baits here Bread Chum mixers Corn hemp Maggot Paste pellet any of these can catch you fish here

Sam Hubbard

Fish as close to snags as possible when surface fishing and beef up as these carp know where to break you


I think that Sam has sussed out how to fish the lake due to all the advice he giving out. it looks like he is the only 1 who fishes it


I think one of the best ways is just to come at around 6pm for the evening and fish off the top, seems to get the better fish


Best baits here: Bread Chum mixers Pellet Corn Meat Hemp Little 12mm colourful hook baits


Fish to island near big green bush at front of lake with meat on the method feeder


Use corn if you want some of the bigger fish or a oily pellet

Sam Hubbard

I suppose everyone has there own styles of fishing there local venues these are just my own techniques


When the ballifs come round ask when witch pegs e fishing well and what baits r doing the business. Go where the fish r and not just where is closet









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