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Eastmoors Coarse Fishing Lake


Latitude: 50.82301 | Longitude: -1.856878

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Ringwood, Hampshire

01202 872302


The lake itself is stocked with many varieties of Carp including Common, Mirror, Leather and Ghost. These have grown in recent years and many are well over twenty pounds in weight. Further stock was added in 2007. There are also many Tench, some as heavy as seven and a half pounds. There are also Golden Tench which are particularly attractive. The Roach and Perch are popular with beginners and experienced fishermen alike, as are the Chub. Being fed from the Moors River, there are some indigenous fish including Pike and Eel. When caught, these may be released into the outflow from where they can be returned to the river.


Ticket Prices
Day Tickets £10.00
OAPs & Under 14s £7.00
Evenings (After 4pm) £5.00 (no concessions)
Night fishing £10.00 to be booked in advance

  • The lake opens at seven a.m and closes at dusk. Please ensure you have left by then. Thank you.
  • NRA Rod licenses are required. Two rods only per permit.
  • There is a toilet in the yard. Please do not interfere with the riders or horses, stay quiet and avoid sudden movements which can startle horses.
  • There is room for about a dozen cars very near the lake and further parking along the main drive.  Please be considerate and avoid blocking others in and leave the disabled parking spaces for those who really need them.
  • In case of severe disability please contact the owners who may be able to help with access.
  • The island is out of bounds and persons found on it will be asked to leave.
  • These may be released in the outflow at the south end of the lake or taken home.
  • The owners reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone or to ask any person to leave.  No refunds can be made for any reason.
  • No liability can be accepted for injury, loss or damage to persons, vehicles or property whilst on the land at Eastmoors Farm.

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Great place!


I plan to go there soon! Will keep you updated ! Anyone want to double up?


When you thinking luke ? How much is it.


This fishery is currently suffering from a lack of fish. There is very little movement and for a day ticket venue, most who fish it will blank. There are better venues



Walk round a few times, the fish are moving all the time. Caught up to 8lb but heard there are or were some big fish in here. Great location very piece full.












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