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Emperor Lakes


Latitude: 50.34846 | Longitude: -3.810819

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Blackdown Cross, Loddiswell, Devon TQ7 4EA TQ7 4EA

01548 821680


This purpose built lake was constructed in 1991, is now very mature and heavily planted with trees and has two cabins. It is open to day/holiday anglers for the first time in 21 years. Now renamed to Emperor Pallatrax Lakes.


It nestles in a valley, in a beautiful, very peaceful and secure setting, bordering the Devon Wildlife Trust wood, in the South Hams of Devon. Day tickets are limited to 10 per day and it is possible to book exclusive use of this lake.

For more information, please contact the owners or our resident bailiff Paul, on 07814 060147.

This water has depths ranging from 6-12 feet, with some bars & holes. Both islands are heavily planted with trees, as are the margins and background all around the water. The purpose built swims will allow anglers to set up bivvies. The channel between the island and the North bank is a very productive stalking/floater fishing area. The carp record currently stands at 40lb 12ozs, with numerous fish over 30lbs.

The current catfish record is 66lbs, but larger are present. This makes the fishery the premier South West venue for cats.

Ample car parking is lakeside, with vehicular access to some swims, and all are level, many being suitable for disabled anglers. Dave & Jo are totally committed. to providing full disability access. To this end, a great deal of work has been completed.

We have our own level two angling coach on site. Paul is very approachable and more than willing to help and advise, if required. We keep stocks of bait and tackle on site. This includes terminal tackle, pellets & particles.Toilets and showers are on site.

Day ticket rules
These rules will be vigorously enforced. Regular rig checks will be made. Refusal equals ejection.

Please do not leave the lake after 10pm or enter before 10am YOUR TICKET WILL COMMENCE AT 10 AM. Drive slowly on the track, and ONLY 5 mph through the yard.

1. 2 Rods ONLY. ONLY selected micro barbed hooks to be used. NO BARBLESS. Long shank bent hooks, and ANY known or believed to cause unnecessary damage to fish are strictly prohibited. Fox series 5 and long shank Nailers are not to be used. Minimum size 10 hooks, and 15lb line for normal bottom fishing for carp. Minimum size 10 hooks and 10lb line for float or floater fishing for carp. No floater fishing is allowed whilst fish are actively spawning.

2. Fixed leads are not permitted. On a mainline break, the leads must be able to detach at the first hitch. No braid mainline or wire traces to be used.

3. No livebaits for catfish, ONLY pellets or dead sea baits to be used. No plastic baits to be used.

4. DO NOT bring your own unhooking mat, landing net & weigh sling. Instead, use those supplied and left at the lake. If you have fished elsewhere recently, please make sure that your footwear and other equipment is thoroughly dried out before entering the fishery.

5. The unhooking mats must be used, and sited, whenever possible, over grass and in the shade. Create as large as possible protective area, particularly over stoned swims. Get everything you need ready, (unhooking mat, weigh sling, scales, anti-bactericide, forceps, camera and second person to take photos), before lifting the fish out of the water. NEVER stand up with a fish in your arms, and always take photographs in a kneeling position, with the fish as low as possible to the ground. Never leave a fish unattended on the mat & wet down regularly, particularly during hot or sunny weather. Carry the fish to the water in a sling or net, and NEVER in your arms.

6. You must remove rings, watches and necklaces before handling fish. Some, particularly metal expander watch straps can do serious damage to lively fish.

7. No keepnets or carp sacks are to be used, but landing nets are allowed for holding fish for short periods. There are spare landing nets left at the lake, if required.

SPECIMEN LAKE: £25 per 24 hours - 10am to 10pm.

By arrangement, it may be possible to vary these times. Twelve hour tickets, when available, £15.

COARSE POOLS: (Amiees, Dans & Teardrop). Approx Dawn to Dusk. Please phone for prices & times.

All the lakes now have gone back to BARBLESS ONLY. The biggest Carp is 44lb 2oz and biggest Cat is 70lb 12oz. There is also a new lake called Jojos which is a runs water with Carp to 26lb. Depths range from 8ft-14ft and there are many shelves and features. It is a new lake so hasn't fully matured yet but every fish is a minter and there are hundreds to come and catch! Average fish about 4lb but lots of high singles into low doubles. There are also 3 course pools, Aimee's, Dans and teardrop which all have big Tench and Carp with huge Roach and Perch.

There is also a new onsite cafe/tackle shop so you can have a warm evening meal and buy tackle.

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A truly unique place, probably one of if not the best lakes in Devon. Extremely friendly and helpful staff.


Emperor lakes has 6 lakes to cater for anyone. From coarse pools to carp lakes. A great days fishing!


Most likely one of the south west best ran fisheries, 6 lakes boast quality fish ranging from all sizes. Carp 40+ cats 70+. Not to mention the beautiful surroundings! An amazing fishery 5*


5**** everytime, this fishery is pure elegance.


Best lakes in the southwest


5*. Cracking tench sport. Great chips in the cafe aswell.



Never ignore the margins!


Jojos- method feeder with magggot


Emperor lakes is probably my favourite venue in the south west. As a match fisherman I fish on the coarse pools and new 'jojos' lake. The staff are lovely and great food in the new shop! Guaranteed catch!


Absolutely amazing fishery, 10/10 worth a visit, looks amazing all year round but with the blue water in the summer it looks beautiful!


Naturals work very well








Bait / Tackle Shop

Disabled Facilities

Food and Drink





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