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Furzebray Carp Lakes


Latitude: 51.00813 | Longitude: -3.84276

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South Molton, Devon

01769 572653


Furzebray lakes offers top quality day ticket carp fishing, for specimen mirror and common carp in the southwest of England. There is a good head of carp present in the specimen lake most of which are doubles to 30lb plus and are growing fast in this well matured and natural lake. The lake has a wealth of features to challenge the angler, with sunken islands, overhanging trees, bars, and marginal features making it a complete fishing experience and a haven for Carp and wildlife.


The Specimen Lake
This Carp lake was built in 2006 and was stocked in 2007, it contains mainly doubles ranging up to and over 29lb. The lake varies in depth between 1.5ft and 12ft with an average of 3.5ft to 4.5ft. There are lilies and reeds all around the lake providing plenty of features to fish to. Each Carp Fishing Swim on the lake offers the angler some thing different to fish to... The Specimen Carp Day Ticket Carp lake was built with only one thing in mind, to offer the Carp Angler a high quality carp fishing venue with some of the most beautiful carp in the southwest of England to fish for. The Specimen lake has nine swims all offering the budding Carp Angler features and hot spots to temp these stunning carp from.

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Use good fresh baits my favorite is essential baits black snail, it is a frozen boili they really work at this venue.


Use blowback with cell and top it with something yellow




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