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Lodden Lakes Complex


Latitude: 51.03031 | Longitude: -2.271188

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East Stour, Gillingham, Dorset


Situated on the outskirts of Gillingham in Dorset, on the B3092 towards East Stour, the Lodden Lakes fishery is easy to find and has good access. A wide selection of course fish can be found in the larger lake, situated closest to the road, and Carp, varying in sizes, and up to 25Lb are common in the smaller lake, ensuring a great days fishing for even the hardened enthusiast.


The Venue also offers Night Fishing, which has been a great hit with the club members in the past, being close to the town, late night facilities are also available.

Match Record
On the 24th July 2005 a new match record bag was set. Dean Adams of Wiltshire Angling caught a Bream and  a Carp on sweetcorn in the Roadside lake, whilst visiting the venue, with the bag totalling a whopping 141Lb 06oz.

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Lodden is a ok lake if you get there in the right season there are two lakes there 1mainly for carp the other for bream tench carp ect.....






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