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Lonsdale Park will appeal to everyone. The exclusive nature of the estate makes it a must for the dedicated and pleasure angler alike. The excellent fishing is free on five of the seven lakes, all bar one of which are for the exclusive use of residents. All our Lonsdale Park accommodation benefits from their own private pegs, most at only a poles length away. All private pegs have night lighting. The Arches guests are free to fish any peg on the Arches Lake.


Lonsdale Lake

An idyllic four-and-a-half acre water lined with reeds and lily beds, Lonsdale Lake is an angler's dream.

Brimming with superb quality fish, mirrors and commons to 30lbs, exceptional ghost carp to 25lbs-plus and grass carp to 20lbs, Lonsdale also offers superb tench fishing with specimens averaging 5lbs and many fish going to around the 10lbs mark.

The roach and perch fishing is excellent with perch around the 2lb mark, the biggest being recorded at 4lb 7oz. The roach fishing is recognised as some of the best in the country. Residents match weights approaching 50lb are not unusual, many fish being above the 1lb mark. Lonsdale Lake's fish stocks are managed by large Pike to 25lb.

Deer Lake

Deer Lake is a water of two parts. The long arm by Lonsdale Lake forms part of the original clay workings and is about six feet deep throughout and surrounded by mature trees. The spur at the far end was dug in 2001 and offers a change in character, providing reeds and lilies and shelter for both fish and wildlife. This section is three feet deep at the far end, dipping gradually to five feet deep where it meets the main lake.

Totalling one-and-a-half acres, this tree-shaded mysterious pool haunted by monster tench and carp as well as quality roach, chub, perch and crucians. A haven for float anglers - but don't be surprised if you encounter the occasional gudgeon!

The Arches

A lovely two-acre lake abounding with features, The Arches offers exceptional tench, roach and perch fishingand holds a small number of 'Old Warhorse' commons and mirrors, together with some wilful fighting wild carp, the odd one of which runs to over 20lbs, although most are between 12lbs and 20lbs.

For the winter angler there are also some fairly heafty pike to over 27lbs, the odd chub to 4lbs and some interesting specimen fishing for the perch which go to a fine 4lbs.

Reed Mere

Perfect for the specimen hunter, Reed Mere is a former nature reserve of two-and-a-half acres and features many secluded reedy bays which hold specimen carp to 28lbs, as well as abundant specimen tench, perch, roach and large pike and a catfish. An ideal stalking lake, Reed Mere is a haven for wildlife.

Of particular interest to carp anglers are the eight fish which were bought from a syndicate and which are related to 'Clarissa', the 44lb common carp with which Richard Walker established a new British record in 1952.

The Willows

Aimed at serious specimen carp anglers,The Willows was originally stocked with about 20 Mark Simmonds carp averaging over 20lbs, fish which are now known to run to well over 30lbs.

The only baits allowed on Willows are Source boilies and natural baits including maggots, worms, bread and the fishery's own carp pellets which are particularly effective because these are what the fish are fed on.

Most anglers fishing Willows opt for modern carp fishing techniques with bite alarms, rod pods and ledger gear although the best way to catch the fish is on float tackle using 8lbs line straight through to a Size 6 or 8 hook baited with bread, worm or side-hooked Source boilies fished in the margins or under a rod length out.

Secret Pool

Built from scratch about three years ago, Secret Pool was developed with help from George Sharman and, like The Willows, can only be accessed through the second gate which requires a code - obtainable from the cafe.

Once again Secret Lake is usually fished using modern carping techniques but anglers are required to have a large 42-inch specimen landing net, a sling mat, a set of accurate weighing scales and a good camera so that photographs can be taken of both flanks of any fish caught to enable the lake's records to be maintained.

Birch Pool


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