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Tingrith, Bedfordshire, MK17 9EW MK179EW

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Set in stunning Bedfordshire countryside, Tingrith Fishery is an idyllic and relaxing angling environment. Bordering the Woburn Abbey Estate and consisting of three distinctly individual lakes, the fishery is one of just 14 Premier Fisheries sited throughout the UK.


Fringe Lake
Fringe Lake is a rare treat for anglers.

At approximately 1.5 acres and holding 20 swims, Fringe has an abundant array of species. It is the ideal beginners' pool and an extremely popular choice for clubs wanting a slightly different competitive experience.

When fishing on Fringe you're never sure what will feed next. Although it is famed for its Crucian Carp, there are also plenty of Common Carp, Brown Goldfish, Tench and Golden Orfe.

Species in Fringe:

Carp to 20lb
Crucian Carp to 3lb
Tench to 5lb
Roach to 2lb
Goldfish to 3lb
Perch to 4lb
Gudgen to 3 oz
Rudd to 1lb 8oz

When all else fails, the Golden Rudd and Roach fishing can be exhausting but spectacular.

The match record for Crucian Carp is an amazing 75 lb in just 3 hours!

Orchid Lake
At 6 acres and holding 40 swims, Orchid lake is perhaps the most challenging. But get it right and the sport can be spectacular!

Orchid holds a huge head of specimen fish - at least 60 double figure Carp, 10 x 20 pounder's and vast shoals of Tench (up to 11lb), double-figure Ghost Carp, Commons and fully Scaled Mirrors (up to 29lb), and giant 50lb+ Catfish that inhabit the depths.

Whereas all the lakes are available for Night Fishing, Orchid is always the favourite. There is plenty of comfortable bank space for your bivvy and cup of tea! The larger carp are being caught on boilies. Try the new Browning Range, from our shop, £6 for 1kg excellent value and proved to work here. Please check our regulations and remember you have to book a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

Species in Orchid

Mirror Carp to 28lb 5oz
Ghost Carp to 20lb
Common Carp 25lb 8oz
Catfish to 50lb plus (Read about the Great Cat Catch here)
Tench to 10lb 8oz
Crucian Carp to 3lb 8oz
Chub to 3lb
Roach to 2lb 5lb
Golden Rudd to 2lb
Skimmer Bream to 1lb 5oz
Barbel to 4lb
Bream to 5lb
Perch to 3lb 8oz

Alongside the specimens, Crucian Carp, Small Tench, Chub, Roach and Perch can offer exceptional fun in the Margins.

In the summer months, floater fishing yields phenomenal catches of large Carp. Winter matches are regularly won with 20lb plus of plump, pristine Roach and hungry Chub.

Cherry Lake
Bags of up to 80lb per day are being catch by our regulars.

Cherry is home to a host of beautiful Ghost, Common and Mirror Carp (1lb-20lb), specimen Chub (up to 6lb), some huge Tench, and awesome still water Roach (up to 2.5lb).

The lake's depths average between 5ft and 7ft. The water has 25 well-spaced, comfortable wooden angling platforms. Cherry is very popular with clubs and pleasure anglers as this scenic water provides anglers with the opportunity to catch large bags of pristine carp using a variety of methods.

Cherry Species

Common Carp to 20lb
Mirror Carp to 20lb
Ghost Carp to 15lb
Tench to 7lb
Chub to 6lb
Roach to 3lb
Rudd to 2lb
Perch to 3lb
Crucians to 2lb

In the summer months, margin fishing can be spectacular. Using simple pole or long rod tactics over a bed of bait, carp can be caught in as little as 8 inches of water, next to the marginal reeds and trees.

In late autumn and winter, Chubb and pristine Roach can be caught in great numbers using worms, maggots or caster, with a maggot or groundbait feeder working particularly well for late season Carp.

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I have fished here a lot as my favourite fish is the Tench and they are good fighters here The cafe keeps you fueled up and the bait shop is there in case you've forgotten anything. Well worth fishing.


Is good but for £200 a year now


It's wroth the money













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