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Lake John Fishery


Latitude: 51.70615 | Longitude: 0.016356

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2 the Nightingales, Aimes Green, Galley Hill, Waltham Abbey, EN9 2BJ EN92BJ

07958 938153


Lake John comprises two lakes, both are well stocked with fish including roach, bream, perch, Rudd, Chubblets, Gudgeon, and of course all the carp family.


Lake John Fishery operates on a purely first come first served basis. A booking system will however remain in place for the club organisers.

General rules

  • No Driving on the banks to the pegs.
  • No Litter to be left on the bank, use bins provided.
  • No discarding of bait on the bank, or in the lake.
  • No fish are to be taken from the fishery (strictly catch and release).
  • No Fires.
  • No fishing between swims.
  • All nets must be dipped in the disinfectant trays before fishing.
  • One rod only on the bottom lake, two rods maximum on the top lake.
  • Please use toilets provided.

Rules for the Carp anglers

  • No night fishing.
  • No boilies, Bolt rigs, Barbed hooks, Beach casting, Nuts, Paste, fixed method feeders, bait boats.
  • No braid to the hook links, strictly mono.
  • No Fires or barbeques.
  • No carp sacking at any time.
  • No walking with fish along the bank (call for assistance).
  • Two rods maximum.
  • All fish must be released in the safety of a weight sling or net, not by hand.
  • Un hooking mats must be used at all times.

Match angler Rules

  • No balling of ground bait
  • No discarding bait after the match
  • No blood worm or joker
  • No fixed feeders
  • No method feeder
  • No Barbed hooks
  • No Floating baits, hooked or loose fed
  • No feeding a line while fishing another, unless loose feeding via hand or pole cup
  • No walking fish along the bank, call for assistance
  • No fish to be taken from the lakes
  • No fish hooked after the final whistle are allowed to be put in the keep net
  • No litter
  • No rods or baited lines to be left unattended during the match
  • One rod only at any one time
  • Rod must not be left unattended at any time
  • All nets are supplied
  • Maximum hook size is 14
  • Match times must be obeyed, six hours maximum
  • All pegs are feeder pegs but there are only nine island pegs pegs 11, 12, 13, left bank 29, 30, 31, back bank, 34, 35, 36, right bank agree your feeder line with the surrounding anglers
  • Hand lining is permitted via the elastic bung
  • POWER CABLES on front bank please be carefully, no long poles
  • All fishing must stop on the final whistle, poles and lines must be out of the water
  • Any fish hooked before the final whistle will be allowed 15 minutes to land the fish

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Fantastic fishery with first class, friendly and helpful management.

luke pike

There some big fish in here apparently there's 2 40s pounders and 10 30s in this lake and there's over 100 doubles in there also lodes of tench and bream any bait any where u r bound to get one average size of tench and bream is about 4-6 pound and there's perch also present to 5 pound ! And roach and Rudd to 2 pound as well this place is the best ever if u not corte

luke pike

Court a fish yet u will on your first visit


Best fishery I've ever fished. I've fished this lake 35 out of 52 weekends last yeat. It's got everything. I kind of dont want to talk this place up too much as its busy enough at the best of times! Best catches: 31lbs carp on float gear 5.5lbs tench 3lbs golden tench 2lbs perch 6lbs bream 1lbs roach Best way to catch all fish in this lake is float fish the margins. 6inches from the bank. But don't take my word for it...


First class fishery,tidy,well worth a visit.


luke pike

A good tip is if u are struggling to get a fish use a bit of bread on leadsure cast anywhere all u do to put it on is simply mould it around the hook and just cast !


Float fish the margins with luncheon meat. Feed regularly for the carp.










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