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Mawgan Porth Pools and Lakes


Latitude: 50.46289 | Longitude: -5.011725

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Retorrick Mill Newquay Cornwall TR8 4BH

01637 860770


Our Lakes have wooden platforms with paths which lead to and from the car parking area, so that what ever age or disability, you and your loves ones will be able to enjoy the peace and beauty of the county side. Matches are regularly won with 200lb Weights and is becoming more and more popular with local match and pleasure anglers, see our results section to see how the lakes are currently fishing.


The location and size of the lake is 1.5 acres, the depth of the lake varying but at a maximum of about 4 meters. The margins are gently sloping in order to encourage bankside and shallow water vegetation.The smaller lake has 10 pegs and is kept for specimen fish. The larger lake has 46 pegs stocked with Mirror Carp, Common Carp, Tench and Bream. The lake is filled utilising natural ground water; Timber path and platforms are all around the edge of the lake, linked by a continuation of the path to the car parking area with wide spaces for disabled drivers.

Suitable for use by those in wheelchairs. Shop is stocked with prepared food and drinks, and also sale/hire goods including tacklebags, chairs, umbrellas, keepnets, landing nets, rods, reels, hooks, weights, lines etc.

Baits for imediate sale including live baits, maggots, worms, sweetcorn, groundbait and pellets.

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This is beginning to show signs of neglect as quite a few of the platforms are in a state of disrepair, Janet (the owner) tries her best but it could do with a bit of an overhaul, also the weed is gradually becoming more & more prevalent. The fishing is not bad, there are two lakes, one specimen 10 pegs (carp from 8 - 25lb allegedly) the other a match lake 40+ pegs & lots of small carp. A good shop selling bait, tackle, snacks etc.


Vast improvement now as Janet & Andy have done quite a bit of tidying up weeds, trees, undergrowth & pathways. Well done


Spent a day here middle of August and could not put a foot wrong, was pulling various strains of carp 3 to 4 lb all day long, shallow fished either sweet corn or bread paste or floating crust. The main lake is becoming a little overrun with weeds and lilly pads and quite a few of the pegs were out of commission due to rotting woodwork, but still provided an excellent days fishing, will definitely return to this venue. However, considering barbless hooks and landing nets are compulsary the state of the mouths of the fish left a lot to be desired. Was pleasantly surprised at the prices of the gear in the shop, was expecting hiked prices are it was a captive audience but Green Giant Corn was cheaper than I had bought earlier at the supermarket.

What a day 5 April 2017 when with brother I law he got 21 carp on float and feeder I got 41 on the pole sweet corn on size 12 feeding pellets fest days fishing in my hole life


I was fishing corn on pole feeding pellets got 41 carp all good sizes






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