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Millhayes Fishery


Latitude: 50.86772 | Longitude: -3.321349

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Millhayes Kentisbeare Devon EX15 2AF EX15 2AF

01884 266412


Set in the stunning Devon countryside, Millhayes Fishery is an idyllic and relaxing angling environment. Established for over 20 years and set in the small village of Kentisbeare, the fishery consists of two distinctly mature lakes set in an area of mature countryside. No longer open to day tickets or the public.


The main Lake of 2 acres is well stocked with Carp to approx. 30lbs, Tench to 8lbs and Roach and Rudd to almost 2lbs. Alongside is a smaller lake (0.25 acre) which is stocked with Crucian Carp and Bream. The lakes are continuously fed with spring water from the Blackdown Hills, keeping the fish in excellent condition.

The main lake is where most anglers choose to fish, Best methods for this lake are pellet fished on the pole or just plain old maggots, do not neglect the margins as this is often where the bigger fish can be found. A net of 100lbs is not uncommon on this lake and bites will be plentiful, if your swim goes quiet then it probably means the larger carp have moved in and you may be in for a surprise. Try floating baits in the summer evenings as the sun goes down the carp go mad for it!

Do not forget to try out the smaller lake it holds some very nice crucian carp and some cracking Roach and Rudd and also a few nice double figure carp....Go on give it a try what have you got to lose?

Fishing is allowed from dusk till dawn. Please note that the fishery is closed in January and February each year to give the fish a well deserved rest.

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Nice place not commercialized good Carp can be caught on top using bread or dog biscuits .Ducks can be a pain.I have had many pleasant day catching Carp andTench also good head of Silver fish


Fished today at Millhays caught seven nice carp on feeder and sweet corn between 4/11lbs a nice venue to fish


Venue starting to fish now weather is warming up



Great for fishing off the top. Dog biscuits or bread


Fished there last week . Method feeder with sweet corn worked well fished about half way across. I caught Carp to 15lbs.







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