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Riverton House and Lakes


Latitude: 51.05311 | Longitude: -3.946829

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Riverton House, together with its three self-catering cottages and two excellent fishing lakes is set in some 13 acres of its own landscaped grounds and enjoys a wonderful valley location as well as providing superb fishing which is ideal for both the serious angler or for those who wish to combine their fishing with the opportunity to explore the beautiful North Devon countryside.


Willow Lake
Is a 2.5 acre general pleasure and MatchLake heavily stocked with Carp to 8lb, Tench, Bream, Roach, Perch and Crucian Carp. Ideal for both novice and experienced anglers alike. Try the margins early and late with maggots, sweetcorn and luncheon meat for mixed bags.  Keepnets may be used for that end of day thrill!  But please - proper size nets and handle all fish with care.

Pampas Lake
Is a 3.5 acre specimen pool holding a large head of Common, Mirror and Ghost Carp to over 25lb with many 'doubles'.  Also Roach, Bream to 4lb, Tench to 5lb and some very large Perch. Responds well to boilies, sweetcorn and luncheon meat as well as a variety of surface baits.

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Cracking fishery. 12 mil pellet over a bed of 8 mil pellet is bang on for the carp


A top class fishery well laid out with top condition hard fighting fish. Great for all levels of anglers wether a match man, specimen hunter, pleasure angler or a beginner.

zoidy b

Quality fishing. I just used a method feeder with 12mm robin red pellets n a bog standard method mix. Managed to bag myself 8 carp ranging between 4-11lb 4 fair sized bream n a monster roach of bout 1.5lbs :)


used too fish the match lake alot. had some big bags of fish during comps. pole tight too the island with constant feed going in always produced for me



Pellet over pellet at 7 metres, the carp come to you on the match lake,no need to cast to the island as the skimmers all hang out there.


Go down the middle track of the match lake between 9 & 14m with a pellet based ground bait mixed with some corn and casters for the bream and you can expect a big bag of them with a few carp turning up. Fish the margins later on and tackle up for some big lumps on meat and paste in the warmer months. A method feeder over to the island can also produce big bags of carp and bream backed up with a pellet waggler. Tight lines.








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