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Stafford Moor Fishery


Latitude: 50.88344 | Longitude: -3.99571

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Stafford Moor Fishery Toad Hall, Dolton Winkleigh Devon EX19 8PP EX19 8PP

01805 804360


Some of the best match, carp and pleasure fishing to be found in Devon and the South West and an idyllic spot for Country lovers. Stafford Moor has fishing all year round for quality Carp, Roach, Bream and Tench. With 100lb bags of silvers and many specimen carp over 20lbs there is quality fishing for everyone, young and old.


Beatties Lake

    * Size: 8 acres
    * Pegs: 13

Species & Sizes
400 doubles, mirrors to 32lbs, commons to 26lbs plus ghosts to 21.3lbs
golden tench to 5lbs, eels to 6lbs.

Four hundred doubles make this a real action water with lots of runs and action plus the chance to catch the fish of a lifetime. With only 13 swims on Beatties booking essential to avoid diappointment.

11 swims in the main lake plus two back bays ideal for stalking or floater fishing
3 islands plus several sunken bars, deep area in middle of lake holds a lot of fish in the colder months.

Tanners Lake

    * Size: 5 acres
    * Pegs: 36

Species & Sizes
Carp, Mirros, Ghosts and Commons to 13lbs
Tench, green and golds to 5lbs
Bream 5lbs, Roach 2 lbs, Rudd 1.5lbs, Perch 2lbs

Tanners is our most famous lake. Nestling in front of the lodges we use it as our primary match lake on Sundays, the Fish and Chip Open on Tuesdays and host our residents match on a Friday. Tanners is such a fair lake, matches can be won from any peg.

A 5 acre please match lake, dotted with 9 islands giving every angler a feature on the wag or bomb. Good depths of an average 5 to 6 feet on the pole, with many pegs having great margin cover. All the islands are joined by a sunken bar, a good fish holding area in the summer.

Pines Lake

    * Size: 3 acres
    * Pegs: 28

Species & Sizes
Lots of small Carp and Ghosts
Tench green and golds to 5lbs
Perch 2.5lbs
Bream 5lbs and plenty of skims
Roach 2.5lbs
Rudd 1lbs

As the name suggests this lake nestles against a copse of large pine trees offering little bays, nooks and carnnies. pines is our main silver fish venue which fishes best in summer, but if you find deep water on pegs 9 to 13 in the winter you can have a really good day.

28 pegs dotted on an intimate 3 acre pretty lake with a backdrop of huge pine trees, most pegs can reach an island with a pole. Early pegs 1 to 7 are ideal for disabled or children, straight off the car park.

Woodpecker Lake

    * Size: 5 acres
    * Pegs: 36

Species & Sizes
Carp 19lbs
Tench 5lbs
Bream 9lbs
Rach and Rudd 2lbs
Eels 6lbs
Crucians 3lbs

A very popular lake. A pleasure angler's dream. Full of fighting fit Carp in the 8 TO 20lb class, mostly Mirrors plus lots of monster Ghosties/Commons.

Tench, Crucians and some very large Bream to 9lbs roam this beautiful water.

The surprise package in Woody is its huge eels; they have been caught up to 6lbs.

A 5 acre lake, being a pleasure anglers dream. Most methods work on this special lake. One large island separates the swims and gives privacy and plenty of room to fish.

Josephs Lake

    * Size: 8 acres
    * Pegs: 40

Species & Sizes
Carp 24lbs
Roach 3lbs
Bream 7lbs
Tench 4lbs
Rudd 2lbs

Joseph's, for the Lodge residents, is a beautiful lake established in 1973. Gorgeous bays, overhanging willows and huge banks of lillies provide a home for literally thousands of Carp to 24lbs, quality Roach and hybrids to 2lb 8oz, Bream, Tench and also some brilliantly coloured Rudd nudging 2lbs.

Completely wild lake
Overhanging willows and mangroves known as jurrasic park posibly one of the prettiest lakes in devon.

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Have fished at Stafford Moor over the past number of years. This is a first class venue, very well stocked lakes set in stunning countryside. A great place to fish


Only been once. Even in all my years living in Devon I somehow over looked this place. Cracking venue some nice fish in the lakes there a lot of my friends and a couple of my team members fish it a lot. If your looking for a break they have amazing lodges too rent.


Supreme Baits Tester Richard Fisher had a cracking session taking over 20 fish topped by a 32lb mirror on the Supreme OA



As the weather starts to warm up begin your sesion casting a straight led to the islands with a hair rigged 11mm pellet and ping 4-6 8mm pellets over the top every 20-25 seconds. As the session progresses the fish will start to come up in the water now change to the pellet waggler fishing between 6 & 12 inches deep still pinging pellets over the top. Remember to keep pinging as you play the fish and try get tight to the island or on the top of bars. Have fun tight lines.











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