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New Howwood Trout Fishery


Latitude: 55.79414 | Longitude: -4.556859

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Bowfield Road, Howwood, Renfrewshire PA9 1DG PA9 1DG

01505 702688


This nine acre natural loch fishery set amongst the spectacular countryside, with panoramic views all round yet only twenty minutes journey from Glasgow.


A superb natural loch with an abundance of fly and insect  life make this venue perfect for dry fly fishing between the months of March and November.

During the summer evenings there are spectacular hatches with fish rising all over the loch giving fantastic sport on the dry fly.

With depths from 3ft to 17ft with an average of approx 8ft , sinking lines favoured around the dam wall, floating or intermediate lines elsewhere, on very cold or bright sunny days a fast sinker can be very effective.

The loch has a very settled eco-system and excellent water quality meaning an abundance of fly life and insect activity.Large numbers of hatching midge and pond olivesfrom early spring soon have the fish up to the surface, buzzer fishing during April and May is truly spectacular.

During the summer months of June, July and August the sedge fishing takes over giving sight of big browns and rainbows taking these flies off the top of the water is awesome.  Fishing the autumn months can be equally as productive with damsel nymphs.  Diawl bachs, buzzers and hare lugs taking the fish.


  • A valid ticket must be purchased before fishing commences
  • Fly fishing only: wet or dry
  • Use of less than 6lb breaking strain tippet prohibited
  • No wading.
  • Fish that are to be killed must be despatched promptly with a priest
  • Once bag is reached fishing may continue catch & release using debarbed hooks
  • All anglers to report to lodge with catch returns before leaving
  • All despatched fish to be weighed by staff. (To assist in stock management.)
  • No shared rods. (Other than prior consent for tuition purposes)
  • An appropriate responsible adult must accompany all children
  • All litter must be disposed of in receptacles provided - discarded leader can damage wildlife
  • Anyone caught using illegal methods, Treble hooks or stealing fish will be banned and required to pay £4 per pound for any fish over their allocated limit
  • Anyone observed breaking the rules will be told to leave without refund
  • No "Alcohol" to be consumed on Fishery property
  • Session times must be strictly adhered to

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