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Shorne Country Park


Latitude: 51.40514 | Longitude: 0.421983

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Brewers Road, Shorne, Kent DA12 3HX DA12 3HX

01474 823800


Country park with two lakes noted for Carp, Tench, Perch, Roach and Rudd fishing.


Steps Lake
There are 14 pegs with reeds either side. Pegs 10 and 11 have a large lily pad as an added feature. There is a bed of reeds approximately 2m(6.5ft) wide running down the middle of the lake.
Steps Lake varies in depth from 1m to approximately 2.5m (8.5ft) in the middle with pegs 1 - 7 being slightly shallower than the opposite side. Peg 7 and 8 on the lake are designed for disabled anglers.

Long Lake
Long lake is approximately 130m long and 20m wide (0.65 acres) There is one smallish island to fish to, which can be reached comfortably from pegs 7 and 10. Long Lake contains many features such as lily pads and rushes, and varies in depth from as little as 0.5m to over 3m in the middle.
Peg 8 is designed for disabled anglers.


  • Two rods per angler allowed, which must not be left unattended at any time.
  • Max. line strength of 12lb permitted.
  • One barbless hook per rod and line only.
  • A min. 35cm Landing net must be used at all times, ONE per swim.
  • No night fishing, dawn to dusk only!
  • No fires or barbecues.
  • Rules for use of baits allowed, see notice boards at Lakeside.
  • An unhooking mat should be available for use at all times.
  • All fish to be returned to the water, dead or alive.
  • No live baiting or treble hooks.
  • No litter, take it home!
  • No bait in cans or tins of any type, i.e. sweetcorn, luncheon meat, etc. Baits to be in plastic containers or bags.
  • No keep nets or sacks of any description.
  • Fishing from numbered swims only.
  • Abusive behaviour to Bailiffs or other anglers will not be tolerated under any circumstances and you may be asked to leave.

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