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River Stour - Muscliffe Free Stretch


Latitude: 50.76334 | Longitude: -1.868296

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Bournemouth, Dorset


Free stretch of the Dorset Stour, noted for Chub, Barbel, Pike and Roach fishing.


Parking is available in Granby Road car park off Muscliffe Lane. There is also parking in the road that runs parallel to wimborne road by Redhill roundabout and there is another path from here to the river.

No day ticket is required, however you will need a Rod Licence.

Fishing is allowed on the right bank only as all the other banks is Ringwood and District AA.

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Approximately 1.75 miles of the Dorset Stour with free fishing on the right hand bank from access point at Brecon Close down to the upper limits of Throop Fisheries. This well known, popular and intimate stretch of the Dorset Stour flows to the north of Bournemouth and provides a haven for dog walkers, children, naturalists, bird watchers and anglers alike. Access is easy with car parking at Brecon Close at the New Road end; on the access road to Cherry Tree Nursery and the sewage treatment works; Wimborne Road near the Horse and Jockey pub; Granby Road car park off Muscliff Lane and on Muscliff Lane itself. Pedestrian access is also gained via the lane leading to Shelley Lodge and via the Arboretum as well as from the lane that passes Muccleshell Farm House and brings you onto the river at the downstream limit of the free stretch where it meets Throop Fisheries. Throughout its length there are slow meandering deep glides, more constricted passages with a firmer push of water, weedy holes and gravel bottomed pools, which, together with beach areas (popular with children and dogs in the summer) and back eddies and a platform to allow access for disabled anglers ensures there is something for everyone. Specimen roach, chub, barbell, perch, dace and pike can be found here however the popularity of the fishery means there is quite a lot of pressure on the water, especially in the summer months so the challenge is there for the more serious angler and also it provides the pleasure angler with variety and the next generation with a place to catch the smaller species and learn those first skills and catch the angling bug! A good day’s fishing can be had by either building a swim, or, as I prefer, to take a roving approach and explore the variety of swims adapting the approach as you walk the river. The wildlife is also abundant with herons and kingfishers an almost guaranteed sight on a summer’s day, deer frequent the fields on the far bank. Birdlife is diverse and as well as the expected waterfowl, birds of prey and woodland birds are ever-present. For a full description of the fauna and flora as well as the conservation issues and recreation available follow this link. The local tackle shop Bournemouth Fishing Lodge in Moordown are friendly and helpful with advice on tactics and recent news of catches.








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