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Established in the early 1970s the coarse fishery at Upham Farm enjoys an excellent national reputation for providing superb carp and tench fishing for all types of anglers, from beginners of all ages to seasoned professionals. We have six well stocked spring fed ponds sited in a gentle sloping valley surrounded by farmland amid the pictureque East Devon countryside.


Pond 1 contains common and mirror carp to 15 lbs. Ornamental ghost and koi carp have recently been introduced. It is not heavily stocked and is ideal for the angler who likes a challenge.

Pond 2 is well stocked with carp and tench, mostly under 3lbs with a few larger carp to around 10 lbs. This is a very good sporting and beginners pond. Catches over 100 lbs are frequent in the summer months.

Pond 3 contains carp to 17 lbs and tench to 4 lbs and is moderately well stocked. The overhanging bushes at the lower end of this pond provide shade, and fish can often be tempted here in the Summer months.

Pond 4 is where to go if you want to catch the big ones ! Our best common - 27 lbs 4 oz lives here along with other twenties and numerous doubles. The tench go to 7 lbs. The margins tend to be very productive.

Pond 5 is a good mixed pond, quite deep - 10 feet in places, and contains our best tench weighing in at 8 lbs 8 oz. Carp go up to around 16 lbs and bream to 2lb

Pond 6 is well stocked with many smaller carp and tench, mostly under 2-3lbs, with some larger ones to about 11 lbs. It is an ideal sporting or beginners pond.

New Specimen Pond 7 was opened in the Spring of 2009. This is much larger than any of the existing ponds at Upham Farm, and will be stocked with large specimen carp. It has a long central island and numerous underwater shelves with depths varying between 5 feet and 14 feet. At the time of writing (June 2009) it has been stocked with approaching 200 carp between 5lbs and 21lbs 8oz. We will be introducing more really big fish soon.

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