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Hollybush Lakes


Latitude: 51.27379 | Longitude: -0.732331

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Hollybush Lane, Aldershot, Hampshire GU12 5QA GU12 5QA

07785 667854


Hollybush Lakes consists of five mature lakes set amongst 60 acres of established woodland and plants.


Station Lake
Station Lake is the first lake that you see when you arrive at the Hollybush Complex. This is a beautiful intimate lake of around six acres and is full of little bays and quiet corners. There are small islands dotted around the lake with gravel bars running between them.

There are deep spots and shallow areas all over the lake with the bed like an egg box so there are lots of features for the fish to explore. Station Lake is a mixed fishery with course fish of all species, Bream to 10lbs, Tench 8lbs, Carp to 31lbs, Pike to 28lbs and of course the usual Roach and Rudd. The lake is situated next to the car park and aimed at the pleasure angler and novice carper. There are 2 designated disabled wheelchair swims on the lake that are accessible via wheelchair. During the winter months the Pike fishing comes into its own with specimens to 28lbs being caught here.

Pit 2
Pit 2 is aimed at the experienced carp angler and the stock of fish shows this with only carp and a few tench in the lake. At present the carp have acheived 37lbs plus with the fish being a real mix of near leathers to other heavily scaled and even fully scaled. This lake can honestly boast it has some of the best looking fish in the county.

Pit 2 is a lovely mature gravel pit of around six and a half acres in size and quite different from the other lakes in the Hollybush complex as it is the most open with the least amount of trees. The lake is surrounded with large oak trees and at one end of the lake there is a large reed bed with water depths around three feet deep, then as you make your way up the lake it gets deeper and drops away to 8 or 9 feet. At this end there is a peninsular with small bays either side. There are gravel bars that run up and down the lake that the fish use like roads with sandy patches inbetween.

Pit 4
Steeped in Carp fishing history and fished by many legendary carp fishing names including Bill Quinlan. Now currently serving as our stock pool.

Pit 5
Pit 5 is one of the best kept secrets of modern carp fishing. Over the last thirty years this lake has been instrumental in the development of some important fishing products ie. "clinic" was developed here and other products to boot. Over the years this lake has seen some of the finest anglers England has produced. Micky Gray and Ian Chillcott are just two of the modern day "names" that have fished this idyllic and tranquil place. Pit 5 has been called "the lake that time forgot" or as most people say that set foot upon the hallowed banks of 5 is "it's carp fishing paradise".

The lake itself is 10 acres with twenty four islands, five of which you can fish from. The lake is quite shallow and covered with gravel bars and lily pads. From most you would think that three rods would be enough but generally just a rod in the edge is all you need. Pit 5 has some of the best looking fish in the country and at one point had the same stocking as Savay did with the Claimant strain. These fish have grown to be amazing looking fish and extremely wise.


  • Fishing From Designated Swims Only
  • Max 2 Rods Per Person
  • No Tackle To Be Left Unattended
  • Barbless Hooks Only
  • No Nuts
  • No Sacking of Fish or Keep Nets
  • No Shock Leaders or Lead Core
  • Landing Nets & Unhooking Mats Must Be Used At All Times
  • No Fixed Rigs
  • No Floating Baits
  • No Bait Boats
  • All Fish Must Be Returned To The Lake Promptly
  • Do Not Hold Fish In Towels
  • No Alcohol On Site
  • No Dogs
  • No Fires/Barbecues
  • No Loud Music
  • No Litter
  • All Small Children To Be Accompanied By An Adult
  • Ticket Must Be Shown On Request
  • Hollybush Lakes Reserves The Right To Close The Lakes At Any Time
Pit 2
(Same as above rules but to include points below)
  • No Sacks
  • No Barbless Hooks
  • 42" And Above Landing Nets To Be Used
  • Maximum Of Two Rods To Be Used
  • No Tackle to Be Left Unattended
  • No Casting More Than Halfway Across The Lakes
  • Large Unhooking Mats To Be Used
  • No Litter / Use Bins Provided at Station Lake
Night fishing
All Fishery Rules Listed Above Apply To Night Fishing
  • 24 hour Ticket Applicable For Night Fishing
  • Cars To Be Parked in Designated Areas
  • Over 18's Only
  • Access Off Site During Night Fishing Is Not Permitted As The Gates Will Be Locked
  • Please Respect The Environment And Fellow Anglers By Limiting The Use Of Light And Noise

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First time I fished here I fished station it's a beautiful place to fish and had my pb pike on my first time here 18lb . Top place to fish











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