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Wedmore Somerset

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Velocity is the type of water that is trying to keep what carp fishing was all about (real and true to the name of a SPECIMEN ANGLER). Catching the impossible. Enjoying great surroundings and fellow anglers around you. Standing up to the challenge carp fishing offers. Feeling the sense of achievement when catching your dreams.


Silverwood Lake
Silverwood Lake is the jewel in Velocity Angling Complex's crown. Just over 23 acres (with plans to increase that by another 3 acres in the future) this lake holds the big fish in the venue. The current stock is in a state of flux with new acquisitions being added to improve your angling experience. But rest assured the fish being stocked are all of great quality. The initial stocking in 2007 saw a load of pukka English bred Broadoak fish introduced to the lake. Fish in excess of a 40lb mirror known as ENIGMA, six different 30s one of these being a common known as the FONZ at over 38lbs, with 5 other known 30s backed up with over 50 20s as well as over 150 doubles from 12lbs to upper doubles.

Oakdene Lake
Oakdene Lake is a bit of a mystery water. It has received a generous stocking of over 600 carp from mid singles to low doubles average catches are in the 9lb to 10lb region, But undoubtedly there are some surprises in there carp have been now caught to just over 20lb. Alongside the carp there are some huge bream over 10lbs and some good tench over 8lbs too. Coupled with a decent head of silver fish this makes for a truly versatile water. Multiple catches are common place and if all you’re after is some fun and a good bit of sport then you need look no further.
Much smaller than Silverwood, Oakdene is your more commercial heavy stocked lake which velocity feels it need to have, so that we can keep up with the fast growing trend that carp fishing has become. It provides the perfect lake for beginners to the sport that want to catch carp and a good size and lots of them, too also improve your general angling as well as the chance to hopefully catch one of the unknowns. Don't be put off by the size of Oakdene at only 5 acres compared to Silverwood at over 23 acres as you could still get quite a shock at what comes out. There are a few pike well into double figure in Oakdene. Lake record being 20lb 2oz.

Pearl Pool
The disabled beginners (PEARL POOL) this is perfect lake to start your new hobby. Stocked with 250 carp to 13lbs average size 3 to 4 lb's and mixed course stock of bream, rudd, roach, eels, and the odd tench, the best catch has been 82 rudd 24 carp 12 roach and 4 eels in a 4 hour haul. All swims are accessible to anglers by car and you can park behind your swims. As there is a purpose built peg for wheelchairs Pearl Pool is the ideal place for disabled anglers or those with youngsters to have some sport.

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Quality complex. The


They have 3 lakes which make up velocity. Silver wood is the biggest and by far the hardest. I used too belong to this syndicate a few years back. Had a few out of the smaller lake but never caught from silverwood. Some lovely fish in there.



Double ova bag straight into the weed. Make sure ya lead is only tied on with pva string so it instantly drops off.









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