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Cary Valley Somerton Somerset TA11 6LJ TA11 6LJ

01458 274022


It is one of the prettiest and most natural commercial fisheries in the country. Six well stocked lakes nestle in the beautiful Cary Valley. Constructed in the early eighties the complex is very mature, with great character. This includes tree covered islands, lily beds, gullies and many marginal features.


The stock is varied with many carp, including "species" to 28lbs; these are complemented with a healthy stock of 'silvers', by which we mean an impressive mix of bream, perch, tench, rudd and roach. Also present are large eels and the occasional chub.

The fishery is professionally managed, fully pathed, with 136 proper timber constructed fishing platforms with plenty of safe car parking and disabled access.

The verands fronted clubhouse consists of a fully stocked tackle and bait shop, selling light refreshments and with separate ladies and gents toilets.

Spring and Middle
The original course lakes, joined by connecting gullies, with plenty of features. Large willow cover island, lillybeds and over hanging trees. This could be described as our specimen lakes, as they contain numerous carp in excess of twenty pouns in weight. These lakes also have an impressive head of silverfish especially bream and skimmers. These provide incredible winter catches when the carp sport slows down. The biggest carp landed in 2008 weighed 26 pounds 12 ounce.

Match Lake
Match Lake provides busy sport due to its large head of medium sized carp that always seem willing to feed. Casting tight to the large central island will provide plenty of action; but don't ignore the corners. These reeded margins can be stacked with fish! Other than carp there is a good head of quality bream, raoch and perch.

Lodge Lake
Lodge Lake is situated just in front of the club house. It's great for a short walk and handy for a pie or a cuppa. Carp wise, they run from two to twenty two pounds so an interesting mix. The willow hung corners always hold plenty of fish during the summer and winter. The wider central area is also a worthwhile 'hot spot'. As usual numerous silverfish.

Cary is our most popular lake due it's huge head of fit, hardfighting double figured carp; the best touching twenty four pounds. If tench are to your liking then head to 'Scary Cary'. The match men catch nets to eighty pounds of the large olive coloured creatures, ranging from one to five pounds in weight. This lake is also renowned for it's big perch, the best 'stripey' recorded weighed 3 pounds 15 ounces! Both the tench and perch love casters presented close to the many marginal features.

Cambell is a match only water full of four to eight pound mirrors and commons. It has produced hundreds of ton plus match weights, the record stands at 289 pounds taken in June 2008. Silver fish stocks are similar to Cary with quality perch, tench and bream. This is a pellet dominated water with paste baits being very productive during the warmer months. Caster and worm appears 'tops' for the silvers.

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mickthe fisherman

Probably the best commercial in the country for both match and pleasure fishing

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Good venue plenty of big carp


Have not been for a few years. Great venue back then b


Most scenic commercial I've fished. Top staff, but every fish I saw (including a juvenile Tench) was damaged and mistreated. Shame.










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