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Watermeadows Fishery


Latitude: 53.21088 | Longitude: 0.325425

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Trunch Lane Chapel St Leonard Nr Skegness PE24 5UA PE24 5UA



Watermeadows Fishery caters for all types of anglers. With three lakes spanning the complex, theres something for everyone. Whether youre into big carp, catfish, pike, match sized carp, bream, tench or big roach.


The Moat is a 60 peg match / pleasure lake that contains a variety of different species including Carp to 11lb, Barbel to 4lb, Bream to 7lb, Tench to 6lb as well as lots of big quality Roach, Rudd, Perch and more. The match record stands at 106lb 11oz, with regular pleasure catches of between 50lb and 70lb. The moat is a canal type venue between 12m and 14m wide. It is ideal for pole anglers and match style rod fishing. There are regular open matches and club matches, ring for further details.

The Silver Pool is a u shaped pool ideal for pleasure anglers / novices who like the more relaxed approach. It contains a good head of course fish and the occasional big carp appears to put a good bend in your rod. It responds well to match tactics, such as sweetcorn, maggot and castors. There are no dedicated pegs on the Silver pool and you can fish where you most feel comfortable.

The Rush Pool is our Specimen Lake. (24hr Fishing available - must be pre booked for night fishing) Over 200 double figure Carp were stocked originally  to 29lb 7oz with an average weight of16lb. It also holds Pike to 24lb, Tench to 8lb, Bream to 8lb and recently stocked Catfish to 20lb. This lake usualy fishes well all year round and responds well to most specimen tactics (boilies / pellet / particle) and also match style tactics.

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