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White Acres Holiday Park White Cross Newquay Cornwall TR8 4LW TR8 4LW

01726 862 519


White Acres Holiday Park has become the ultimate resort for anglers and their families. Relaxing around the lakes in the peaceful surroundings is perfect for the whole family to take time out together. Thirteen coarse fishing lakes provide the tranquillity and choice of over 300 pegs that will thrill all anglers of all ages and abilities.


Acorn is an oval lake with one big island in the middle. Depths range from 6 feet in the middle sloping at 45 degrees towards either bank. Weights in excess of 150lb.

Canal has a massive head of F1 carp and has been designed with the pole angler in mind.

Eery is approx 1 acre in size, 7 foot at its deepest and only 18 inches in the margin, this lake was totally changed in 2009 and restocked with plenty of small pasty carp however watch out as there are a few larger carp dotted amongst them!

Jenny’s is the ideal Lake to take younger anglers as you can get bites all day on the pole at 4m. Bigger fish come to the lead or feeder out towards the island. Average depths from 4 feet to 6 feet.

Nelsons Specimen Lake is approximately 2 acres with 45 carp from 13lb to 27lb in each side. There are several ghost carp over 20lb, the best recorded is 27lb. Best results are late evening, night and early morning. Best baits boilies and 21mm pellets. Feed lightly. Fish the margins when quiet.

Pat's Pool
Pats’s Pool is our main specimen lake with carp from 15lb to 30lb and many catfish from 20lb to 68lb 14oz (the Complex Record) and they take boilies so watch out! Depths average from 3 feet to 7 feet down the dead arm. There are 4 islands to fish.

Pollawyn is one of the oldest lakes on the complex, depth range from 3 feet in the margins to 9 foot on the high bank, Carp range from 2lb to 20lb so substantial tackle is needed, 100lb weights are not uncommon.

Python is a snake style lake with a bay at one end, average depths are 6 foot down the middle to 3 foot in the margins. It has a good stock of F1 carp, Tench, Skimmer Bream, Crucians, Roach and Perch so bites will be plentiful.

Sycamore is an oval lake with two islands in the middle, it has a large stock of carp from 1lb to 15lb, strong tackle is recommended.

Trelawney is designed for the waggler feeder & pole. Approximately 20m wide. Depths range from 3 feet to 7 feet plenty of fish in the margins in warmer weather.

Twin Oaks
This Lake has been designed to make fishing as fair as possible. It is 25 metres wide, 6 feet deep sloping at 45 degrees towards either bank. This will force the angler into fishing the Pole, feeder or waggler. The average sizes of the fish are approx 5lb and match catches in excess of 150lb!

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Fishing heaven and ideal for all level of fisher, a great venue, can't wait to go back


Awesome luv it


Will be coming back every year..amazing fishing and first class accommodation,Brilliant


Been back 9 years, better each year, bolingey really fishing and looking good, andy really done great Job.

Big Squidge

First time taking my 3 boys aged 3, 5 and 7 fishing at the start of November so very cold, but we still caught a stack of fish to 8lb. 1st time there and will be returning


A really good venue for the family. I booked up for june and had a great week. I went into the tackle shop once for a quick look around asked for some advice and to say they weren't over eager might be an understatement. The lodges on Jenny's lake are brilliant and I fished some of the 14 lakes available. Python was great for float fishing corn and picked up a few beautiful crucians, small tench, bream and roach. I was lucky enough in June to have a blistering day and Sycamore was Carp soup had three carp to 10lb and great fun for a couple of hours. Pats the specimen lake is well stocked and we saw the biggest Cat that week at 72lb. I was lucky enough to take a 32lb of my own on Amber strawberry snowman. All in all I had a great week and going in June there wasn't a mad rush for pegs! I'd recommend this to any angler with family as the entertainment and amenities are all there for the kids. I will be back for some of those bigger carp and a go on the off site lake too.


Did a sun holiday here about 4 years ago. Wasn't expecting much but I think I stayed on the bank 4 nights out of the 5 I was there. Has some quality fish out of the speci lakes


If you visit Whiteacres then don't forget Bolingey. I had the best day of my angling life there with easily 200 lb of carp all caught on a top kit. Bolingey is an offsite lake and needs to be booked in advance.


A fantastic place to fish all week which I did back in 2010 and I had from Nelson's lake my PB Mirror carp 19lb 12oz.








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