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Larford Lakes


Latitude: 52.3198 | Longitude: -2.269419

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Larford Lane Larford Near Stourport Worcestershire DY13 0SQ DY13 0SQ

01299 829373


Situated in the heart of Worcestershire countryside, comprising of three lakes; the Specimen, the Match and the Arena, plus some of the best barbel and chub fishing on the River Severn. Larford fishery offers 250 prime lake pegs and 80 river pegs.


Arena Lake
The Arena Lake opened in April 2005. Large stocks of Mirror and Common Carp have been introduced along with Bream, Roach, Rudd, Tench and Perch. The Arena is already producing large catches, and promises to deliver similar if not better sport than the famous and much respected Match Lake. Pellets, particles, meat and maggots are the main hook baits. Pole short being the best method for a large weight. Please note: the Arena lake is flaot only. The match records currently stands at 262lbs.

Match Lake
6 acres of excellent fishing, where every peg is capable of producing massive weights of F1 Carp, Commons, Mirrors, Roach, Tench, Bream, Chub, Perch and Rudd. Summer weights are simply outstanding. Pellet is the main hookbait, with paste, maggot and caster also accounting for big catches. Fishing shallow in the warmer months provides incredible weights, whilst fishing on the bottom during the winter results in many ton plus weights. The match record currently stands at 272lbs.

Specimen Lake
20 acres of prime angling, stocked with a wide range of species including Roach to 2 1/2 lbs, Chub to 7lbs, Bream to 15lbs, large Perch, Crucians and Tench to 9lbs. It is however, most famous for its specimen Carp, with the fishery record standing at 38 1/2 lbs. All methods are successful, with the waggler, pole and tip accounting for many of the Bream and smaller Carp. Boilies, particles, meat and paste are the most successful baits for the larger Carp, and also work well for the specimen Bream and Tench. The bream and skimmer fishing on the Specimen Lake is truly phenomenal, with ton plus catches of skimmers commonplace. The match record currently stands at 253lbs.

River Severn
80 pegs available, all within the Severn Sports and Leisure complex at Seed Green and above Lincombe Weir. Large bags of Barbel and Chub are common, with Bream, Dace, Roach and Gudgeon also present along with the odd specimen Carp on the lower beats. Feeder fishing, waggler and stick float all work well, with average summer catches in the region of 30 - 50lbs commonplace. The Barbel average between 6 and 8lbs, but fish to 12lbs have been recorded. The match record currently stands at 80lbs.

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A very well looked after fishery ! Iv got my record weight here. My favourite lake is the match lake but the other 2 are just as good! You must try it!!


Wonderful fishing and very nice breakfast


Top fishery going back down in July 13


£45 to fish 3 rods for 24hrs on a 'special rate'.............. Absolute joke!


Been going here for last few months now. Fished with ice and snow and always caught! Fished yesterday 13/04/13 and had 91lb out the Arena Lake, with carp to 10lb and bream to 5.5lb. Never fail to catch. Red maggot or pellet on waggler. Only downsides, hence 4 out of 5 are sometimes early closing (no dawn til dusk here!) and that the venue favours matches and forgets the pleasure anglers like myself. Otherwise top notch and you won't be disappointed!!!












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