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Makins Fishery Bazzard Road Bramcote Nuneaton Warwickshire England CV11 6QJ CV11 6QJ

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With 18 well stocked and carefully managed lakes on our scenic site, we are confident we can supply every angler visiting us with a days fishing they will never forget. Whether you are specimen carp angler looking to smash a personal best, a match angler looking for a bumper haul or a pleasure rod who merely enjoys a relaxed days fishing, we know we can cater for you.


Phase One

Lake 1 - 54 pegs
If huge carp are your target then this is the water to tackle up on. Well conditioned specimens up to an incredible 35lb reside within this popular water, with heaps of high doubles and twenties mixed in for good measure.

It’s not just large carp that live in the 4.75 acre lake, with barbel to astonishing 12lb stocked in good numbers. Feeding large quantities of corn, pellet and boilies is the way to go during the summer months, with boilies and large pellets the best hookbaits. When the temperatures drop, single offerings and small PVA bags are your best bet.

All anglers are advised to use strong tackle on this venue due to the immense numbers of hard fighting specimens stocked. Very few matches take place on Lake One, making it ideal for pleasure rods looking for a tranquil days angling where a new personal best is a very real possibility.

Lake 2 - 45 pegs
Several bags of over 100lb are taken on a weekly basis during the summer months from this match and pleasure angler’s haven, with numerous nets of over 300lb being landed on a yearly basis. With such amazing sport on offer, it is not hard to see why many top flight match anglers consider this to be THE BEST competition water in the country.

Although the average stamp of carp is between 7 and 8lb, there are stacks of double figure specimens, with the odd low twenty thrown in for good measure. When the going gets tough, which it rarely ever does, there are large shoals of roach and skimmers that willingly feed throughout even the most arctic of conditions.

Method feeder tactics presented in either open water or tight against the island work well on this 3.4 acre water, with dead maggot or corn hookbaits your best bet. Pole fishing in the margins with strong tackle can also account for some hefty lumps later in the session.

Lake Two is usually booked up at weekends for scheduled matches, although pleasure anglers are encouraged to get stuck into this prolific water on weekdays.

Pool 3 - 35 pegs - Currently Closed
As part of the ongoing improvements to Makins Fishery all the fish have been removed from Lake Three and put into Lake Five, to enable Lake Three to be used as a stock pond for bringing on future stocks of fish.

Pool 4 - 30 pegs
Carp to 20lb dominate the stocks in Lake Four, although there is a substantial stock of bream, roach and perch to keep your float going under if it’s just bites you are looking for.

Shallow tactics work a treat on this well-liked water, with bags of over 150lb achievable on the pellet waggler during the summer months. The long pole fished at just 18’ deep can also bring some electrifying action once the masses of carp swarm in on bait regularly hitting the water. When winter arrives, there is still plenty of rod bending action to be had, although a feeder fished towards the island with maggot or hair rigged corn takes over as the number one tactic.

Pool 5 - 54 pegs
Every young aspiring carp angler wants to hear the sound of their alarms screaming off regularly, and this is one water where that is virtually guaranteed to happen. While the fish don’t quite reach the enormous sizes that are present in Lake One, there are more of them and stacks of double figure carp, with the odd twenty find their way to the bank during every visitors session. Large tench to 7lb are also present and always muscle their way in on the feeding frenzy during the summer.

These fish love to get there heads down and feed during the warmer months, so it is advisable to introduce large amounts of corn, pellet and boilies. Sport is also hectic over the cold season, with PVA bags and single baits coming into their own. Anglers wishing to employ match style tactics will also score heavily, with the method feeder proving a fantastic tactic all year round.

Very few matches take place on Lake Five, making it a firm favorite with pleasure anglers.

Phase 2

Lagoon - 38 pegs
Good mixed bags are the order of the day on this 1.2 acre lake, with hefty stocks of carp to 20lb present, along with massive stocks of roach, rudd, tench, barbel and bream.

The venue is covered in fishy looking features and these should be targeted with feeder, waggler or pole for hectic sport.

Corn, pellet and maggot dominate during the summer months, while bread takes some beating once the temperatures drop.

Many local anglers consider this to be a great water for a ‘dads and lads’ session as it is guaranteed to produce heaps of small to medium sized fish, along with a few hard fighting carp.

Lagoon holds very few match events throughout the year, making it the preferred choice of many visiting pleasure anglers.

Lizard - 41 pegs
Another feature packed venue that always throws up impressive mixed bags. Visitors are always spoilt for choice when it comes to peg selection, as there is something ‘fishy’ to place your bait against on virtually every peg.

Muscular carp to 20lb are stocked in abundance, with lots of roach, rudd, tench, barbel and bream present to keep bites coming.

Fishing a feeder towards the features or pole down the edge works well on Lizard, with corn, pellet, maggot and worm the best baits.

Matches are kept to a minimum on this 1.2 acre lake, leaving it available for pleasure rods every day on most weeks.

Lake Two is usually booked up at weekends for scheduled matches, although pleasure anglers are encouraged to get stuck into this prolific water on weekdays.

Crater - 15 pegs
If you want to target some of the country’s largest stillwater barbel then this is the water to head for. Fish to an incredible 12lb reside within Crater, and due to its relatively small size, they are quite easy to locate.

Carp to around 15lb have also been stocked, making it a venue that is certain to provide you with rod bending action.

Fishing to the features with pole, waggler or feeder tends to work best, with corn and pellet the best baits during the summer. Maggot tends to produce plenty of action once the temperatures drop down.

Due to the fairly small size of Crater, it is a perfect venue for club matches and small knock ups for pleasure anglers feeling in a competitive mood.

Matches are held on some weekends so call us to check availability.

Snake - 25 pegs
Anglers seeking to land their first ghost carp should certainly head for this water, with good stocks of immaculate specimens stocked to around 15lb. During the warmer months, these hard fighting specimens can be seen cruising around in the upper layers of the water and can be tamed by fishing around 18’ deep.

There are lots of more traditional carp stocked as well, along with good numbers of roach, bream and perch.

Fishing towards the features works a treat throughout the year, with maggot, pellet and corn the favoured baits.

There are no out and out flyers on Snake, and anglers can bag up from any peg using pole, waggler or feeder tactics.

Matches are held on some weekends so call us to check availability.

Paddock - 26 pegs
If the idea of bagging up in scenic surroundings with not a sole in sight appeals to you then this is definitely the water for you. Due to it’s positioning on the complex, very few anglers venture on to this 0.5 acre gem, making it a bit of a mystery.

Carp to double figures are present, along with hefty stocks of silver fish, making it an ideal lake for parents wishing to catch a few hard fighting carp, while allowing their children to bag up on small fish.

A five metre whip used in conjunction with a pint of maggots will bring a bite a chuck from small silvers, while the long pole, waggler or feeder fished with pellet, corn or worm will tame good numbers of carp throughout the day.

Very few events are held on Paddock, leaving it free for pleasure rods every day of the week.

Reptile - 15 pegs
Clubs searching for a prolific water that is guaranteed to produce impressive results should look no further than this cracking little gem.

Carp to 15lb make up the majority of the weights, although there are plenty of roach and skimmers stocked to keep your float going under on even the coldest days.

Fishing towards the features with corn and pellet will always bring great results, with the pole or feeder the best methods.

Events are held on Reptile most weekends, although pleasure anglers are encouraged to take advantage of the phenomenal sport on offer during the week.

Little Reptile - 5 pegs
This tranquil water is ideal for groups of friends wishing to have a bit of friendly banter while enjoying a prolific days fishing.

Its small size means it is highly likely you will make it your very own all day long. Add to this a fantastic stocking of carp to mid doubles and good numbers of barbel, tench and skimmers, and you have a perfect day out in many anglers’ eyes.

Pole and waggler tactics employed with baits such as maggot, pellet and corn will bring great results, with triple figure nets easily achievable on the right day.

Very few events are held on Little Reptile, leaving it free for pleasure anglers seven days a week.

Phase 3

Severn - 30 pegs
If the pole is your favoured method, then this 1.2 acre water is worth some serious consideration. With an average width of just 12m, anglers can easily fish towards the far bank reeds where hordes of hungry carp, barbel, skimmers and roach reside during the summer.

Once winter arrives, sport is equally impressive, although targeting the channel down the middle of the manmade canal scores heavily.

Corn, pellet and maggot are the top baits, with large quantities of feed the way to go during the summer months. Topping up with a tiny pole pot after every fish or when bites dry up works well once the temperatures plummet.

Matches are sometimes held on Severn at weekends so please call us to check availability.

Inner Avon - 10 pegs
All our waters have become popular with anglers because of their picturesque setting, although Inner Avon is almost certainly the most scenic of them all.

The peace and quiet along with the beautiful backdrop makes this a popular water with pleasure anglers.

Carp to double figures are stocked, along with vast numbers of roach, perch, tench and bream.

A variety of methods score heavily on this tranquil lake, with the pole and feeder firm favourites with most visitors. Virtually any bait will catch big bags of fish, although pellet, corn and maggots produce most consistently.

Events are sometimes held on Inner Avon at weekends, so please call us to check availability.

Avon - 25 pegs
When you consider that weights in excess of 100lb are caught all year round, it is not hard to see why many class Avon as one of the most consistent match and pleasure waters around.

Targeting the far and nearside margins works incredibly well all year round, with carp to 15lb making up the majority of bags.

Most anglers opt for a pole approach due to the canalised layout of this lake, with corn, pellet and maggot the top baits. Feeder and waggler tactics will also score well for those preferring to use a rod and line approach.

Matches are usually held on Sundays, although as with every lake here at Makins, it is available to pleasure anglers when events are not taking place.

Thames - 20 pegs
Yet another consistent water that produces fantastic bags all year round. Pole fishing once again dominates, with stacks of carp to 10lb present, along with heaps of roach, perch and skimmers.

Bag of up to 80lb are taking throughout the year, with pellet and corn scoring heavily throughout the summer months, with maggot and bread coming into their own once the cold snap hits.

The occasional match is held on Thames, although it is largely reserved for pleasure anglers.

Anchor - 15 pegs
Not all anglers enjoy wrestling with carp all day long, and if you fit into that category, then this water is definitely worth considering.

Anchor is stocked solely with silverfish, with healthy stocks of roach and perch to 2lb in attendance, along with good numbers of barbel and bream.

Maggot and caster are the favoured baits, although pellet will account for the better specimens. Pole fishing dominates, although waggler and feeder tactics can work on their day.

Some anglers have commented that this 0.5 acre venue has suffered a dip in sport over the last 12-months, and this is an issue that staff are working extremely hard to rectify.

Intense work to make Anchor the nations best silverfish only lake is planned for the future.

Derwent - 30 pegs
A good mixed stock of specimens means you never know what has sucked up your hookbait when your float vanishes.

Huge stocks of carp and barbel are present, along with some pristine golden tench which run to around 5lb.

Impressive bags are taken all year round on this 1.2 acre water, with corn, pellet and maggot the most consistent baits.

Targeting the far side margins can produce a bite a chuck, although the generous amount of space between each peg means the inside line can produce arm aching sport during the warmer months.

Matches are occasionally held on Derwent at weekends, so please call us to check availability.

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Absolutely first class fishing. Had my best day's fishing here and even caught an 8lb Barbel!


Fantastic fishery, I've fished it 3 times now, twice on Paddock and once on Lizzard. First time was Paddock and I caught well over 150lb, the second was Lizzard, and I did the same!!, the third time I took my son and we went on Paddock I caught about 50lb, and my son had the best days fishing of his life and caught well over 100lb, and he say's he won't fish anywhere else now!!. What more can I say.


Fished Lizzard pool Today, Sunday 3rd July, bagged well over 200lb of Carp, and a Few Bream, fished at 13mtrs with Worm and caster, to take some big Carp and Bream, but fed the Margins, both side all day with Meat and corn, when I started to fish them, the arm aching started, I had 10 big double figure Carp, some Beautiful ghosties, and got broke 8 times. Also had 3 lumps on the Method Feeder. What a Fishery. First Class.


Came to this fantastic fishery again, at beginning of July 2011, and caught well over 200 lb of carp and a few good 2 1/2 lb Skimmers, on the Lizard Pool. I've sent a few of the photos, of fish I caught in the last hour of my session, on the prolific phase two venue to the photo site ( dated 1 aug 2011, but the date I fished is stated above. If you've got a child just starting to fish, then bring them to this complex, they can't fail to cath, and they'll be hooked for life. Tight Lines, until my next visit. Markieboy. ( Black Magic ).


Ok if you just want to pull fish out all day without really trying, great place for practicing match fishing or if your new to the sport but too easy too catch if you like a challenge


Fished hundreds of matches here, and pleasure fished it hundreds of times. very peggy in matches and you really need to ask locals where to sit on phase 2 & 3 if visiting for the first time. This can make the difference between 1 and 50 carp in a session. Still a great venue overall.


What can i say what a place great layout cafe is great staff are helpfull fish are in top condition will be heading back soon


Top commercial venue, packed with fish of all sizes, with friendly staff and good cafe. You can even sit back and they'll come and take orders on the lake.



Cat meat and macaroni cheese are top class here!


Chopped worm and caster, mixed with chilled hemp, fished at 10/12 mtrs, with worm cut at 3/4 on the hook,!!!!....... Try it on Paddock and lizard.


Casting accuracy will improve your catches no end. Hitting the same spot on an island will make the difference between a few fish and a lot of fish












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