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Tunnel Barn Farm


Latitude: 52.30595 | Longitude: -1.690291

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Tunnel Barn Farm Shrewley, Warwickshire, CV35 7AN CV35 7AN

01926 842975


Tunnel Barn Farm Fishery, located in Shrewley, Warwickshire, is a complex made up of 7 pools and 2½ miles of the Grand Union Canal. We have been open to the public since 1990 and in the past two years have made major improvements and expanded the pools and the complex. Tunnel Barn Farm Fishery is currently regarded as one of the top angling venues in the country and as such has attracted big matches such as Fishomania Qualifiers, the Maver Pairs Qualifier and the Van Den Eynde clubman semi final to name a few.


House Pool 34 pegs
One of the main match pools holds Carp, Roach Bream, Tench, Chub, Perch and Golden Orffe. The Carp go up to 15lb with many between 2lb and 10lb. This pool also holds a lot of F1 Carp, which make up the bulk of match weights. They average between 6oz and 2lb. Match weights in summer regularly go over the 100lb mark.

Top Pool
This was the second pool to be dug at tunnel barn farm, and is well matured. Stocked with a variety of Carp, Bream, Roach, Tench, Perch and Chub. The Carp go up to 18lb with a lot of fish between 80z and 2 ½ . the perch in this pool also go very big with the biggest recorded at 4 ½ . the best open match weight on this pool is 97lb.

Bottom Pool
This is the oldest pool, dug out over 20 years ago and is very picturesque. The largest of our Carp live in this pool with fish up to 30b, and plenty between 10lb and 20lb. The pool also holds Bream, Tench, Chub, Roach, Perch, Barbel and Crucian Carp. The pool has recently been restocked with small new Carp between 2oz and 8oz, giving great sport for pleasure and match angling.

Extension 39 pegs
Another main match pool that holds Carp, Roach, Bream, Tench, Chub, Perch and Golden Orfe. This pool like the house also holds a lot of F1 between 6oz and 2lb. Most pegs have an Island to fish to which ranges between 12m and 15m away.

New pool 44 pegs
This pool holds the record for tunnel barn at 166lb. Stocked with Carp, Roach, Bream, Tench, Chub, Perch and F1. Largest carp is 13lb with a lot between 2lb and 10lb. Most pegs have an island to fish to, between 10m to 13m away. Average depth is 5ft. the F1 are the target fish for matches.

Club Pool
All pegs on this pool have an island to fish to at 13m long. Largest carp is 8lb with most fish around 12oz to 1 ½. Makes a perfect learning pool for beginners.

Canal Pool
Newest pool is stocked the same as others and holds twelve disabled pegs, which will be up, and running in June. All pegs have an island at 12m range.

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Some of the best looking pools around they fish well plus there is a tackle shop and cafe here great great fishery


Always a great day at tunnel barn. See my detailed review at



Fish the new pool called jennies its fishing well






Golden Orfe





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