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Newstead Farm, Black Bank, Susworth, N.Lincs, DN173AX DN173AX

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This is the Norths premiere fishing venue. Covering an extensive 66 acres, the superb fishing is set in beautiful surroundings and caters for all types of angler from top flight match men to the dedicated club match angler, pleasure anglers of all abilities and specimen anglers alike who can target a variety of species.


Match Lakes

The Swan Pond & New Bit (58 pegs)
Formally this was all one lake of around eight acres in size, however the bay which is now known as the new bit became either full of fish or devoid of fish depending on temperature and wind direction, to overcome this we built a bank across part of the lake burying two concrete pipes beneath, meshed with netting to prevent fish movement, a similar stocking level was then achieved either side of the bank. This sectioning of the lake worked well and a winning weight can be obtained from anywhere on match days.

The summer fishing can be quite spectacular when targeting the lakes Carp, with similar methods working year after year. The average size of the Carp is quite high with 6lb to 8lb the norm, however fish from 1lb to over 23lbs can be expected.
The preferred bait and the one which has accounted for the vast majority of the 100lb plus weights over the years is the 10mm hard pellet which manages to resist the attentions of the hoards of silver fish. Match anglers use this bait in a number of ways including the straight lead and up in the water waggler tactics. The weights can be quite something with a record of 391lbs,several of 200lb plus catches taken and many many over the 100lb mark.The fish however are certainly no mugs and feeding patterns and methods have to be perfected in order to achieve the best results.
Other methods and more traditional baits such as Corn, Meat and also Paste all have their day.

The winter silver fish angling is truly unbelievable, even in the coldest of weather most match anglers will be able to get a bite a cast from Roach and Skimmers on a wide variety of baits.

Islands Lake (65 pegs)
This lake is around 12 acres in size and was specifically designed as a match fishery. The lake was formally an open water before it was drained and a series of banks and islands created by mechanical diggers, some imaginative planting and mother nature have contrived to create a beautiful lake crammed full of features with no two pegs alike. Despite the fact that the lake contains a terrific head of Carp ranging from 1lb to 13lbs and with a match record of 209lbs 14ozs of these fish, many anglers love fishing purely for the silver fish. Pole weights of Green and Golden Tench have been caught to 106lbs, Skimmer Bream nets to 95lbs, Roach nets to 68lbs, Chub nets to 143lbs and mixed nets containing all species including individual Perch to 4lbs 1oz make this lake an absolute joy for many of the regular and visiting match anglers.

The methods employed on this lake can be many and varied, the silver fish will respond to maggot, caster, corn, meat, pellets and worm whilst the Carp weights tend to fall to 10mm hard pellet or meat fished on the bomb or waggler.

Tripp Lake (36 pegs)
This 4 acre lake is situated off the main complex nestled in the middle of mixed woodland. Unfortunately it is situated on private land and no casual visitors are allowed, although this does mean that there will be no bank side disturbance whilst your match is in progress. This is a float only venue and the general size of the fish stock is maintained with this in mind. The carp are from 1lb to 4lbs with the occasional lump showing up now and again, The Skimmer Bream and Crucian carp are of a good stamp with plenty around the 1lb mark. These three species dominate the match weights with many weights between 70lbs and 214lbs being taken. Other species include Chub, Roach, Rudd and Tench.

Baits vary according to the time of the year, pellets, corn, meat, worm and caster being the most consistent with paste being a good bet throughout the summer.

Hollywood Lake is now being used for matches. The Lake is approximately half of its eventual size, the first phase was finished around two years ago and the project should be completed in the not too distant future as part of an extensive development plan.

Whilst fishing on  this 17 peg lake was not originally planned until the whole project was completed, (work has since been focused on the development of another lake under our banner) trial matches have proven to be extremely productive and the decision to make the lake available in its current stage of development was made easy by demand from those who have already fished it.

The lake will eventually be 450 metres long by 30 metres wide (currently it is just over half of this length) fishing is from one bank only making it ideal for pole, waggler, feeder or bomb tactics.

Current stocking includes lots of small Carp to 1lb plus a good head of 2-5lbs fish, Crucian Carp, Skimmers, Ide, Tench and F1's.

Matches are normally won on the pole, with weights to75lbs taken recently, although those extra fish which mean the difference between winning and being an also ran can usually be found across to the far bank.

Day Ticket Lakes

The Oak Tree
This is one of the best Day Ticket lakes you could ever hope to fish. It is really well stocked with a variety of species and gives excellent all year round sport. Anglers target the Carp in particular during the warmer months and take really good mixed bags of Carp, Skimmers, Rudd and Chub when temperatures fall. A bite a cast is almost guaranteed on light tackle even in the coldest weather.
The lake is on the right immediately as you enter the fishery with vehicular access to every one of the 50 pegs.
During the warmer weather almost any bait or method will meet with success, including pellet, corn, meat, bread etc and100lb plus catches are commonplace.
During the winter months baits such as soft pellet, maggots and casters come into their own.

The North Day Ticket Lake
This lake is popular for the quality of the fish with many species present to specimen sizes. Although there is a good head of Carp to over 20lbs and a few Catfish to a similar size which both respond to traditional Carp fishing tactics, it is the silver fish which are the jewels in the crown. Roach and Rudd to 2lbs, plus quality Skimmers and larger Bream to over 5lbs, Perch to over 4lbs and a few Chub to 6lbs can be caught. Up in the water tactics with maggots or casters will produce a bite a cast all year round and the mixture of fish species always makes for an interesting day.
There are around 25 pegs including some in a channel which respond well to waggler tactics and a large deep basin which is very popular in the winter.

The South Day Ticket
The South day ticket lake is always in great form producing quality fish for visiting anglers. It has 25 well spaced pegs and is well suited to the natural angler. This lake tends to be overlooked with many anglers preferring to fish the Oak Tree lake instead, however this lake holds many specimen sized fish which can be caught quite easily on a number of methods and baits. If you are happy catching quality Roach all day then this is the place to fish with individual fish weighing in at more than 2lbs and many other fish attaining specimen proportions. The Carp can be caught on a wide variety of methods including on the surface and up in the water but the better fish are normally caught on more traditional bomb or feeder rigs using larger baits to resist the attentions of the smaller fish. If you are a bit of a purist and enjoy fishing for fighting fit fish then this is the lake for you.

Syndicate Lakes

The Old Match Lake
This lake can produce 200 to 300lbs of fish in a single session with individual Carp to 24bs and Catfish to 30lbs present to test the anglers tackle.

The Little Pond
This Syndicate lake is set in a beautiful location, surrounded by trees with good access and comfortable fishing platforms. The lake is well known for it's diversity and stock levels. The lake is set to the rear of the fishery backing onto open fields, this is the ideal setting for a fun filled peaceful day of fishing unhindered by other anglers or visitors. If you like your fishing to be fast and furious then this lake will suite you down to the ground with a bite a chuck in all pegs. The lake contains most species of fish and is noted for it's  population of Skimmers and Roach as well as a good head of Carp of all sizes from ounces up to 20lbs, but you will also find a few surprises on the way within the shape  of Catfish, Tench, Chub, Perch and Crucian Carp, to keep things interesting.

This lake is ideal for that evening session after work or spending a morning catching lots of fish.

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Got to be the easiest waters to fish £6 all day, no night fishing various day ticket ponds park next to your peg, carp and cats upto 30lb+ been fishing this place for years , dog biscuits bread they eat anything bread over maggots enjoy



Use a big korum method feeder on Island, just like the old type of feeder, fill it up with your bait inside, the Carp really attack this big ball !!!.











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