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Newcastle Rd Slindon Nr Eccleshall Staffordshire ST21 6LX ST21 6LX

07879 441 282


Heronbrook Fisheries are situated just off the A519 at Slindon, two miles from Eccleshall. Set in 25 acres of the beautiful Staffordshire countryside there are now SIX amazing pools for you to try. All were designed and built by the owner Neil Dale. The first and most established is the Specimen Pool opened in 1994, followed shortly after by the Match Pool. These two pools have now been combined to make a fabulous 65 peg water, the new name for this water is the Match Lake.


The Canal
The Canal was designed and opened by Neil in 1996 with the match angler in mind. A near complete circle of canal now that the extension has been added. The venue is a purpose built pole water 12 metres wide with over hanging trees and reeds on the far bank. A shallow shelf on the far banking drops away to 6 feet of water down the central track, rising to 2 feet in the near margins. The canal has a footpath all the way round with wooden pegs for comfort.

The fishing is excellent on the canal all year round. In winter caster, maggot and bread punch score well for consistent bites and weight going into the keep net. The main quarry to build a weight are the common and mirror carp, these can be taken from all over the canal on different baits but in the summer floating bread to the far bank is good. Fishing down the track with meat, sweetcorn, pellet and paste can bring lots of carp to the net. The tench and chub feed well and can soon mount up to a winning weight.

Other species keep the bites going as there are plenty of barbel, ghost carp, crucian carp, roach and perch, plus the many beautiful golden tench.

Bridge Pool
The Bridge Pool is a purpose built match water, designed and opened by Neil in 2002. The pool is a "Z" shape with an island down its full length. 14 -16 metres wide all the way along with plenty of room between the pegs. The pool is proving to be very popular with both the club and open match anglers. It has a shelf along the far bank to the island with 5 1/2 feet of water down the track, the near side has a sloping shelf which can produce a lot of fish. 46 pegs go right around the pool and back to the car park, so no need for long walks.

The Bridge Pool has established a reputation for massive weights of barbel, 80lb catches of just barbel have been obtained. The barbel thrive in this pool, so much so that they have now started to breed.

The water can be attacked in a variety of different ways. Fishing sweetcorn or meat on the far shelf is productive or floating bread to the island. Meat or sweetcorn down the track also produces well. The main weights are built up with the F1's, Chub and Barbel all up to 8 lb 8 oz. Weights of over 50 lb can be soon mounted up by fishing for the smaller fish close in on smaller baits, there are plenty of small fish to give you none stop action. You can soon knock a winning weight up by targeting the large and small fish.

The match record already stands at 117 lb 4 oz taken by Dave Swain in the Maver/AT Pairs qualifier of 2005. The carp are weighty although they look short and stumpy they don't half give you a scrap in the Bridge Pool. The pool is also well stocked with barbel, tench and chub which looks well for a great future for this pool.

Entry to the pool is over the bridge for the low numbers and access to the high numbers is to the left of the bridge.

Island Pool
The Island Pool is a magnificent addition at Heronbrook Fisheries. Built in 2003. The pool has an overall round shape with an extension at one end. The main round area has an island at a distance of between 16 and 18 metres. The extension has a shallower bar around 14 metres out, which will divide those pegs and the pegs opposite with the growth of the reeds. The pool holds 31 pegs.

In the designing of the pool Neil took into account the difference in fishing between the seasons, building the pool to cater for pole, waggler and feeder fishing. The width of the pool will produce good fishing in the hardest of conditions, being able to catch wary fish from beyond the normal pole line. The average depth of the pool is 6 feet deep which will provide good sport in winter as well as summer.

The Island Pool is proving to be a favourite pool for pleasure anglers, with regular catches of around 200 lb in a day

Match Lake
January 2007 the Match Pool and Specimen Pool were joined to create a new 65 peg Match Lake. This new lake covers an approximate area of 5 acres and has 3 islands. The new lake has been intensively stocked with F1's, but none of the existing stock from either pool has been removed. This lake now creates a venue for match, specimen and pleasure anglers, which caters for all types of angling methods. Pole, feeder and waggler.

Meadow Pool
Meadow pool contains 58 pegs and was first opened in 2004. It is probably the most popular and consistent pool for both club and open matches. Regular big match weights come out from all around the pool.

New Canal
In December 2005 the New Canal was excavated on the west side of the fishery. It is 300 meters long and a width of 12 meters.

It has been stocked with F1's. Chub, Barbel, Commons, Mirrors and Tench. Already proven popular with the match angler. The 2006 Fishomania qualifier was won on the New Canal. The match record for the water is held by Steve Carrier with a weight of 161lb.

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Long way from Liverpool but well worth the the drive.av fished it 4years and had some excellent carp from 27 pound down .loads of 20 the margins after 3 o'clock.Neil Dale really nice guy runs his water well.


Good fishery, bit of a drive to Staffordshire from Salford. Fished floating bread on meadow pool and the size of the carp up in the water range from 3 - 12 lb. I ended up with over 70lb as it was like a feeding frenzy. Other anglers fished floating bread and had similar weights. great day. Paste is also a very good carp bait on this place.









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