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Moorlands is recognised as one of the premier fishing venues in the country as illustrated by the fact that it hosts pestigious events such as the Kamasan British Open, Drennan All Winners Final, Fish-O-Mania, Angling Times / Maiver Pairs Challenge and NFA Nationals. Situated on a 10 acre site Moorlands offers 200 pegs on a total of ten pools varying in sizes. To ensure that competitors taking part in the matches stand the same chance of catching wherever they fish, all the pools have been developed to the same depths and uniform stocking policy has been implemented to ensure that each pool carries the same density and proportion of fish species. Facilities include ample free car parking (anglers being able to park behind most pegs), 120 seater licensed café which serves a wide range of meals, snacks and refreshments.


Meadow Pool
The largest of the nine Moorlands waters, Meadow Pool is two acres in size and holds 60 pegs. It is six feet deep throughout and, like all the waters on site, contains 70 per cent Carp and 30 per cent silver fish.

Both Common and Mirror Carp average between ½ and 8lbs whilst the water also holds Bream to 5lbs; Tench and Perch to 3lbs; Chub, Crucian Carp and Roach to 2lbs; Rudd to 1½lbs; and Gudgeon.

To help competition anglers, a record of match results going back over the past ten years has been kept - and it makes impressive reading. The best catch for a three hour evening match was set on July 3rd 2005 at 288.10lbs. The best catch for a five hour match was taken on June 11th, 2004 at Meadow Pool when 54 Carp taken on pole weighed in at 227lbs. As though that wasn't enough, second place went to 171lbs and third place to 146lbs. During the 2004 season there were 368 competition catches of more than 100lbs and during one match the average weight of the 29 anglers was 105lbs. With results like these it's not surprising that Mark & Shaun like to keep a record of catches!

Anglers are able to park vehicles next to their pegs all the way round Meadow Pool.

Silver Pool
Silver Pool was added in 2002 and holds 46 pegs. The pool has a uniform depth of around 5 feet, and like all the waters, contains 70 per cent Carp and 30 per cent silver fish. The current record for Silver pool stands at 197.13lbs (set on August 19th 2006).

All platforms around the pool are of large steel construction, making them especially stable for all anglers.

The pool is situated to the far right as you enter the site, behind Meadow pool. Again, as with most pools on the site, anglers are able to drive to every peg, making it extremely accessible.

Peg numbers 1 to 30 are particularly suitable for disabled anglers.

Island Pool
You wouldn't think so to look at it in winter, but this pool gets its name from the two reed-clad islands which are visible in summer but which disappear under a foot of water in winter when the water levels rise and the reed growth dies down. Naturally enough, the islands make ideal features and anglers generally do best fishing close to them.

At one and a quarter acres with 22 usable match pegs, Island Pool is used as a match overflow and pleasure water because it varies in depth from 5 to 15ft, making it the only water at Moorlands to have an uneven depth.

The record here for a five hour match is 177lbs (set in September 2004) with a catch comprising 50 per cent Carp and the remainder Roach and Skimmers.

Bank Pool
At one-and-a-half acres in size, Bank Pool accommodates 26 match anglers, although there are 32 pleasure pegs, and has a uniform depth of six feet to ensure consistency of catching whether you draw on Bank, Moors or Meadow pools.

Like the other pools on site, Bank is surrounded by reeds to provide cover and here the record for a five hour match stands at 222.06lbs set on July 29th 2006 again with a mixed bag of Carp, Roach and Bream taken on the pole.

Car parking is available behind pegs on two sides of this pool.

Moors Pool
With Meadow and Bank, Moors Pool is one of the three main match waters at Moorlands Farm. Despite holding only 21 match pegs, the record for a five hour match with a mixed bag of Carp, Roach and Bream, currently stands at 156lbs.

About an acre in size, Moors Pool is the fourth largest of the waters and again offers a uniform depth and uniformity of stocking to ensure anglers can catch whichever peg they are drawn on. Moors Pool is one of the deepest pools down the margins making it ideal to catch large bags of fish close in.

Car parking is available behind all of the pegs.

Middle Pool
Situated between Bank and Moors pools, the 21 match peg Middle Pool may be smaller than its two neighbours but has still managed to return a five-hour match record of 138lbs.

With a uniform depth of around seven feet, Middle Pool has no particular features which encourages the fish to remain evenly spread throughout the lake and is used primarily as a match water, although it is available for pleasure anglers when not in use for competitions.

There is car parking near the pool so anglers don't have far to walk.

Spring Pool
Spring Pool is another small water situated a the top of the Moorlands Farm site which benefits from being away from the main stream of the fishery, offers a limited number of pegs but retains a character and fascination of its own.

Again, it benefits from the site's uniform stocking policy which gives anglers hiding away here just as much of a chance of having a memorable haul as those fishing the larger and more recognised main match waters.

Unlike some of the other waters on the site, it is very sheltered. To be found on the right hand site as you enter the fishery, the pool offers no parking space round the pegs... but this again only seems to add to its charm and seclusion.

Stock Pools
Three former stock ponds have been turned into Childrens' pools - but are popular waters because, thanks to the uniform stocking policy, they are smaller than the other pools but offer as good an opportunity for a bagful as anywhere else on the Moorlands Farm site.

Again, the stock pools are of uniform depth and have clear bankside pegs, making them ideal for young anglers or parents with children. Each pool can accommodate only a handful of anglers.

Despite their size, the pools are well worth a visit, particularly for anglers who prefer smaller, more intimate waters.

Two of the Childrens Pools can be found to the left at the rear of the Cafe adjacent to the Island Pool but below Spring Pool whilst the third is the first small pool on the left hand side of the drive as you enter the site.

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