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Latitude: 52.1405 | Longitude: -1.909724

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Manor Farm Leisure Anchor Lane, Harvington, Evesham, Worcs WR11 8PA WR11 8PA

01386 870039


Whether youre a specialist, a matchman or just a pleasure angler, Manor Farm Leisure has exactly what youre after, having 100 pegs on a prime stretch of the Warwickshire Avon plus seven well stocked still waters.


Windmill Lake (35 pegs)
This lake is stocked with carp from 8oz to 12lb, tench, roach, perch and bream. Best baits are maggot and corn. Pleasure anglers are having a fish a chuck of all sized fish. Down at the bottom end around peg 14 it is 12ft deep and at the top end by peg 4 it is 5ft deep.  There are a lot of trees around this lake providing shelter on windy days.

Boundary Pool (44 pegs)
The carp go up to 20lb in this lake but it is predominantly a mixed lake of most species.  Pleasure anglers are having a lot of 21b carp on corn and hook-pellet, feeding micro pellet to attract them into the swim.  This lake is 3 acres in size with a shelf all the way round at approximately 5ft depth. Over the shelf there is a drop off of about 18".

Bottom Pool (30 pegs)
This is a shallower pool with carp from 1lb to 20lb, together with roach, bream and perch. It is ideal for floating bread and dog biscuit fishing.

Middle Pool (30 pegs)
This pool is not as deep as the other pools.  There is a shelf all the way round of 4ft with a drop off of another foot.  This is a purpose built match pool. Best baits are maggot, corn, meat and pellet. The winning weight can come off any peg, making it a fair and even match venue. This pool has carp averaging 2.5lb and tench to 21b with odd fish into double figures.

It is quite common in matches for every angler to catch more than 30lbs with a winning weight of about 90lb.  Current match record on this pool is 315lb 10oz.

Island Pool (39 pegs)
This pool is a match pool of 3.5 acres with an island in the middle.  Depths in this pool range from 4ft to 8ft. The carp go up to double figures but the majority of them are around the 2.5lb mark.  There is a good head of tench with a few going up to 4lb.  Skimmers up to 2.5lb.  Open match weights on this pool have been up to 312lb. Best baits are maggot, corn, meat and pellet.

Ash Pool (25 pegs)
This is a small match pool, ideal for clubs or small opens.  The fish range from 8oz to 12lb. There are carp, ghost carp, golden tench, golden orfe, skimmers and roach. Best baits are maggot, corn and pellet. Depths in the pool range from 4ft to 8ft.

The Wood Pool (12 pegs)
The Wood Pool is a small farm pool (12 pegs), which is heavily stocked with carp, tench, roach and perch. This pool is suitable for beginners and youngsters.Windmill Lakes

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Excellent well run fishery. All lakes well stocked with carp, f1s, also has a great supply of silver fish. Plenty of open & club matches run at this fishery. They also have pegs along the river avon renowned For it's excellent barbel. Also has holiday homes & 18 hole golf course. Day tickets available on the bank for £7.00



Fishing shallow works well here on all lakes. Feeding little and often and tapping the water.









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