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Latitude: 51.93808 | Longitude: -0.517624

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Stockwell Farm, Fancott, near Toddington, Bedfordshire LU5 6HT LU5 6HT

01525 877744


Unlike a lot of other fisheries we dont stock just carp - we have a good head of roach and perch, along with tench and crucian carp. We have twenty pegs all with comfortable platforms. Some of which have been designed to accommodate Dads and lads (or daughters) to fish together in comfort. We are open all year round, from 7.30am right through to dusk. We ask all anglers to vacate the water after dark. You do not need to book in advance. But do check the listing for matches. The general public is not allowed access.


There have been lakes at Fancott for hundreds of years. The natural layers of clay and sand created ponds - the earliest record we have found (1581) shows two small lakes in the position of our fishery. Today the water extends to two and a half acres.

The fishery has been landscaped over the last ten years and is home to a highly varied species of wild plants, trees and bird life.

The lake appeals to anglers that appreciate peace and quiet, good quality fishing and beautiful surroundings.

Originally stocked in 1997, the spring-fed lake has five islands. Every swim has cover and/or features to fish to, with depths from two to six feet.

Most swims have marginal planting of iris, reed mace, sedge grass, Norfolk reed or lilies.

Numerous sightings of woodpeckers, warblers and kingfishers along with dragonflies and damselflies means you have plenty of things to see whilst you enjoy a bit of peace and quiet away from home.

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Lovely lake caught a lovely 2lbs perch out there but I know they go a lot bigger lovely carp and you can get some monster bags of roach


Hod a great time and good carp out








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