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Brogborough Pit


Latitude: 52.04642 | Longitude: -0.574894

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A421 towards Bedford

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Brogborough Pit and Lagoon are situated just off the A421 between Marston Mortaine and the M1. Brogborough is the largest of the AAC waters at approximately 240 acres. There is secure parking in several car parks via locked gates. Over the years the tracks have been hard-cored to improve access, so many of the swims can be driven close to while leaving other swims much less accessible for the harder working anglers.


The lake is primarily a ‘big’ fish lake with bream, tench, pike and carp to specimen sizes. It is also home to huge shoals of roach which are rarely caught due to the fact they only seem to make brief visits to the margins at certain times of the year. It would be interesting to see anglers having a go for these elusive fish as the rewards could be huge.

Tench in the lake, although not prolific seem to appear in greater numbers every year with the biggest to date just short of nine pounds with double figure fish undoubtedly present.

The bream fishing on Brogborough is of exceptional quality with probably more double figure bream than most waters in the country. If bait is applied in sufficient quantities in the correct spots, multiple catches are easily on the cards. As the bream are predominantly night feeders, to get the best results we recommend joining the night syndicate that is in operation on the lake. The current best from Brogorough is a fish of 16lb 9oz caught two years ago in a catch that also included 20 or so other bream that averaged over 10lb.

The last five AAC bream records have increased by more than a pound each time, so if the next increase follows the same pattern, we could see a fish of eighteen pounds on the bank. With its size and stock of large fish, regulars predict that a fish to break the British best is definitely possible. Pike fishing is usually only done on Brogborough by a handful of people, which is a great shame because now the roach shoals are back the pike will be packing on weight. The few anglers that fish the lake usually fish known producing areas so there is a vast amount of un-fished water that never sees a pike bait. It's a safe bet that if new areas are exploited, something special will turn up.

The stock of carp in Brogborough is difficult to put a figure on because of the size of the place, but estimates are around two hundred or so. The lakes stock of carp consists of roughly seventy percent commons to thirty percent mirrors. The mirrors are generally bigger, although the new previously uncaught lake record of thirty five pounds in 2005 was a common. The mirrors are lovely English, dark chestnut fish with both small scattered scales and big plate ones. As ever location is the key to catching the carp. The water most times of the year is very clear, so spotting them from the high banks isn't too difficult. They can also at times be very acrobatic, making location a bit easier. Again, as with other species, there are surprises in store.

In 2004 a surprise 5lb eel was hooked and landed by a bream fisherman. As far as we know, this is the first eel ever to get caught from the lake, but hopefully won’t be the last.

The lagoon is heavily stocked with smaller carp.

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The Little one is weedy but there is nice size carp


Had a walk around yesterday there was some good size carp topping








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