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Meadow View Fisheries


Latitude: 53.38599 | Longitude: -2.490948

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Whitbarrow Road, Statham, Lymm

01925 757985


Meadow View Fisheries are situated in the picturesque countryside of Cheshire, closeby to junction 20 of the M6. We are family run establishment but also an environmentally friendly angling centre offering three fishing lakes with an average depth of 7ft. In total we offer 95 fishing pegs giving you a great choice of positions. All of our pegs are made of timber construction and are 1 meter sq.


Linnet Pool
Linnet pool has is an oval shape with a decked area covered in astroturf ideal for wheel chairs, has depths up to 8ft in the centre and 3ft in the margins and is around ¾ of an acre in size. The Lake has been well stocked. There are 25 pegs in total.

Who will this lake appeal to:
Linnet will appeal to all anglers, children adults disabled and pensioners. This is our easiest lake to fish, especially for the younger ones.

Best baits and tactics: Of course varies but fishers often use 14 m pole with meat corn pellets. Top tip here is to feed little and often.

Lark Pool
Lark pool has depths of 6-7ft in the centre and 3ft margins is around an 1 1/4-½ acre in size. The Lake has been well stocked and there are 42 pegs in total.

Who will this lake appeal to:
Lake 2 will appeal to mostly to match men, however pleasure anglers also like this pool.

Best baits and tactics:  Poles or rods work well on this lake, traditional methods seem to work. It is very hard to offer tips as this lake varies so much...come and try your look !

Thrush Pool
Thrush pool has depths of 9-10ft in the centre and the margins are around 4 ft and is 3/4 acre in size. The Lake has been stocked well. There are 27 pegs.

Who will this lake appeal to:
Thrush Lake will appeal to clubs and pleasure anglers.

Best baits and tactics:
It is harder to fish, due to the depth and change of tactics are required. A 10m pole works well with wagglers and feeders.

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Great place friendly staff good fishing


Well maintained pool's but very hard ground, no chance of bank sticks or rod rest's! Nice friendly staff, good facilities but be prepared for a tough days fishing, as NOTHING bites in the Margins! Will go back to crack it soon!! There's 20lb+ in here!!


Great to see people ain't using a unhooking Matt at all in the pictures think they need better rules on fish safety



Great little fishery,always let my little lad fish for free. Some real surprises aswell













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