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Latitude: 55.92469 | Longitude: -4.006196

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Magiscroft, Garngibboch Rd, Condorrat, Cumbernauld, G67 4AF G674AF

01236 737 577


Magiscroft has 123 pegs on five waters well stocked with a wide variety of coarse fish species - custom built by coarse anglers for coarse anglers. With a top quality cafe, bait and tackle shop and secure parking in a peaceful and beautiful setting, there is everything you need to relax and enjoy.


Main Loch

The Main Loch is the biggest of the waters and has 51 pegs. In order of quantity of fish the species are – Carp to 11lb+, Roach to 2lb+, Bream to 4lb+, Ide to 1lb+, Tench to 6lb+, Perch to 2lb+, Rudd and Rudd/Roach Hybrids to 3lb+, Golden Orfe to 3lb, Blue Orfe, Eels, Gudgeon and Chub.

Depths vary around the loch, shallow in the edge, sloping out to between 8 and 18 ft on a long pole line, down to between 18 and 24 ft in the middle.

Island Pond

The biggest of the two newly created ponds, this has 30 pegs. The new ponds are heavily stocked with a variety of carp up to 8lb+. The other fish species are – Ide, Roach, Perch, Rudd and Rudd/Roach Hybrids, Chub, Tench to 6lb+, Barbel, Bream, Gudgeon & Dace.

Depths are relatively uniform from peg to peg gradually shallowing from up to 5ft at the car park end to 3ft at the far end.

Top Pond

The smaller of the two new ponds, this has no fixed platforms but a comfortable path all around and can accommodate 20 anglers.  Like the Island Pond this is well stocked with Carp but they are smaller than in the Island pond, 3oz to 12oz though there are some well over 1lb and a few over 3lb.  Blue Orfe are also plentiful and other species include Ide, Roach, Perch, Rudd, Rudd/Roach Hybrids, Chub, Gudgeon, Dace, Tench & Barbel.

Depths are relatively uniform from peg to peg gradually shallowing from up to 5ft at the tree on the island end to 3ft at the other end.

Railway Pond

The Railway Pond is secluded water with 10 pegs and was re-stocked in 2007 to give some great fishing for a variety of species but is best known for big Tench.  Tench and Carp to over 5lb are there along with Ide, Orfe, Chub, Rudd, Roach and Bream in a peaceful corner of the site.

Pegs around the Island are shallower from 3ft to 4ft and there is a deeper area in the middle of the pond to 8ft.

Birch Pond

The Birch Pond is a newly opened water with 12 pegs including 5 double pegs ideal for "dads 'n lads" or anybody else who likes to sit together.

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Great place and a nice cafe :)


Great venue with friendly staff and good facilities. Lots of pegs to choose from. It has toilets, shop and a cafe. 5 or 6 ponds to choose from.



Try the margins if theres nothing else biting had a few good fish from margins in island pond







Golden Orfe









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