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Church Farm Fishery


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Yateley Road, Sandhurst. Berkshire


Situated on the edge of Sandhurst, with its secure parking, this three-lake complex and stretch of the River Blackwater is the jewel in the crown. This quite fishery is set in beautiful surroundings less than a mile from Yateley Town Centre. It is well worth a visit whatever your angling preference.


Lake 1
The bottom lake: Approx 250 yards from the car park.

This is becoming a good mixed specimen water which contains: tench to 9lb, bream to 14lb, roach to 2lb good numbers of common and mirror carp to 24lb, ghost carp to 22lb and pike to14lb.

The deepest part of the lake is the bay to the first island reaching 15ft. The bay up to the island is where the bream and carp shoal up. The islands in this lake form the channels the first of which is formed by the back pf the first island and the start of the second.

This averages around 6ft. the second islands runs parallel to the river forming a channel down both sides, these channels are read lined with plenty of over hanging trees providing great fish holding cover. The bay at the bottom end provides mixed fishing for those that are prepared to make the walk,  with a depth averaging 6ft , the bream also shoal here when the wind blows in and can be caught using float tackle just out from the margins or on the feeder tactics to the end of the island. The water, like many specimen waters around the yately area is not easy fishing, early morning and evening sessions producing the best chances during bright or hot weather conditions. Members will not get big nets from this water but the quality of the fish you do catch is superb. Please let the fishery manager or bailiffs know of your catches.

Lake 2
The middle lake: Approx 140 yards from the car park.

The lake contains common carp to 31lB, mirror carp to 28lb and ghost carp to 14 lb. The tench are a good average around 5lb, with bream, roach, ruff and perch providing good sport but not in great numbers. This lake received a stocking of 41 carp (mainly commons) from 8-16lb in February 2004.

The shallow part of the lake is on the far left bank backing on to lake 1

The rest of the lake has an average depth between 6-8ft with the river side margins being slightly shallower around 4ft. The fringe lily at the far end, which grows at great speed n the summer , provides masses of cover for the fish. Members may open a channel to the fish through or to help land fish safely if required.

Lake 3
The top lake (aka the doughnut lake) Approx 45 yards from the car park.

The depth is 6-10 in front of the swims round by the river on the left before it starts to shallow up to 5-7tf at the bank backing on to the lake 2. Anglers will find most methods catch; pole ;feeder, float and even surface fishing.

The older carp stokes range from 6 - 22lb and number around 50 fish.

Tench go to nearly 7lb, bream to 5lb, roach, rudd & perch are present but all small in size. A stocking of 200lb of tench to 4lb and 100lb of of crucians to 10 oz were introduced in March 2005.

The pike numbers have been reduced to help the smaller fish become established. A small number of pike still exist and have been caught up to 12 lb on lures.

At certain times of the year this lake has tapes suspended across the water and wooden cut outs of anglers, to help prevent cormorants affecting the fish population.

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