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Churchwood Fisheries


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Blackmore Road, Brentwood, Essex CM15 0HZ CM15 0HZ

01277 375499


Churchwood Fisheries in Brentwood Essex, is a beautiful, tranquil day ticket fishery set within the owners private back garden. There are 3 lakes in total although fishing is only permitted on two of the them, Jenkins and Churchwood. The lakes are set within mature surroundings where fisherman can often watch the resident Kingfishers, monkjack deer along with various other wildlife. The fishing lakes were excavated around 40 years ago although the original moat around the house can be traced back to the Doomsday book.


Jenkins is a little over 1 acre in size with average depths of 7-8 feet. Two anglers are permitted on the lake although larger parties can be accommodated on request. The lake contains some of the most stunning commons and mirrors you are ever likely to catch with several now nudging the 30lbs mark. There is a large head of 20's with many upper doubles to back up the larger fish. Along with the mirrors and commons there are many other species of fish present:

Grass Carp 25lbs
Tench 9lbs+
Roach 3lbs+
Perch 4lbs
Crucians 4lbs+
Rudd 2lbs+

Fishing tight to the far margin produces the majority of the fish although presenting a bait around the aerator which runs constantly is also worth a try. Fishing is only permitted from one bank although baiting up on the opposite bank is permitted providing trees and fauna are respected and not damaged.

Bait boats are permitted and usually help produce the best results.

Churchwood Lake
Churchwood Lake is approximately 2.5 acres in size. A maximum of 6 anglers are permitted although like Jenkins larger parties can be accommodated upon request. Carp to 30lbs+ are present with a good head of 20's and many upper doubles.

Other species include:
Tench 8lbs
Bream 11lbs+
Perch 4lbs+
Crucians 4lbs+
Roach 3lbs+
Rudd 2lbs

Again like Jenkins the margins tend to be the most prolific. The use of a bait boat is recommended in some of the far margin swims to gain access under the overhanging trees although casting is adequate on most of the lake. During the summer months fishing 5ft of the aerator situated in the middle of the lake is one of the most productive areas.

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For some great tench, fish the margins under your rod tip.











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