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Cackle Hill Lakes


Latitude: 51.12944 | Longitude: 0.642141

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Headcorn Road, Biddenden, Kent TN27 8JW TN27 8JW

01580 291954


There are three lakes at Cackle hill 2 of which have been maturing for over 20 years and the third for more than 5years, new fish have been added to the already well stocked lakes with fish for the specimen searcher, the match angler and the pleasure angler.


Match Lake - 3 Acre
The match lake is a very beautiful lake situated at the back of the complex, it is kidney shaped with an island at the top end of the water.

There are 28 well spaced swims each with their own wooden platforms, each swims is separated by lots of interesting plants e.g. Bulrushes, Lilly pads and grasses.

The match lake includes a variety of species e.g. Tench, chub, roach, rudd, bream, orfe, f1's, silver fish, carp up to 30lb and much more.

The depths of this lake are 5ft-7ft and good depths in the margins.

There is ample car parking with just a short walk to the lake.

Mixed Fishing Lake - 1 1/2 Acres
The mixed fishing lake is well matured with lots of beautiful trees bulrushes and lily pads, it offers something for everyone from the beginner to the experienced angler.

This lake is very well stocked with lots of varieties including-:

  • Carp 20lb plus
  • Tench 6lb
  • Chub 5lb
  • Perch 3lb
  • Bream 8lb
  • Roach, Rudd, F1's, Orfe, Sturgeon, Silver fish and more
This lake is also ideal for smaller matches for 15 - 20 anglers.

The depth of the mixed fishing lake is 6ft - 7ft.

Specimen Lake - 2 1/2 Acres
The specimen lake is in middle of the complex, well matured with lots of beautiful features e.g. willow trees, lily pads bulrushes and tall grasses.

The lake has islands around which encourage the fish to move around the whole lake.

Each swim is of a good size and has its own unique features you will find it hard to choose your swim as each one is very beautiful.

The depths of the lake are approx 6ft -11ft

This lake contains -:
  • Common carp 35lb
  • Mirror carp 41lb plus
  • Grass carp 20lb plus
  • Ghost carp 20lb plus
  • Koi carp 20lb plus
  • Catfish 45lb plus
New exciting arrival for all speciman carp anglers.

41lb Mirror Carp

Introduced in to speciman lake Friday 5th March 2010.

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Excellent fishery with the match lake being good enough for the all rounder fisherman and the speci lake for the experienced. Easily some double numbers in carps and and cats upto 70lbs!! Mixed lake is a good one as well with some cats in there as well. The brothers running couldn't be anymore helpful. Clean toilets and a newly installed bait shop with light refreshments. Been coming here for 2 years now.


A group of us fished the match lake recently after a five yr lay off. We'd heard and had been told good things about extra stocking of the lake so were expecting a good days fishing. Not so. No better then 5yrs earlier and we're pretty reasonable match fisherman. The wooden swims were unsafe and we fished between them on the bank. 3 other ”bivvy" boys had just fished 3 days down there and only had 3 carp in all that time. Certainly wont be rushing back. New cafe on site now but expensive.


Had a great days fishing there and would highly recommend if disabled just as I am as they let you drive to your swim on the match lake






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