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Hudsons Farm Fishery


Latitude: 53.86599 | Longitude: -2.845626

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Rawcliffe Road, St. Michaels on Wyre, Preston, Lancashire PR3 0UH PR3 0UH

01995 679654


One of the longest established coarse fisheries in the fylde easily accessible from M6 (approx 10 miles from J32) also approx 10 miles from the holiday resort of Blackpool. Providing superb coarse fishing in a tranquil environment, whether for pleasure sessions, match bookings or overnight carp-fishing.


The specimen is probably the first lake you will see when you drive into the car-park, it is on the right.

A very well established water (over 100 years old) as with most carp water sometimes the fishing seems easy other times it can be hard....
When it comes to boilie flavours, I would always advise sticking with what flavours you are confident in using, most of the dynamite range seem to produce well on here.
Large halibut pellet can also work as can pepperami.
This water (like all the others) has lots of fish holding features: lily and reed beds over hanging trees an island and underwater features - drop offs etc.

Unfortunately pegs cannot be booked so it is first come first served.

The Doughnut Lake
Take the path on the left from the car park; this will lead you to the doughnut lake. It is a a very well established water full of character, reed beds, flowering lilies, most certainly not your modern carp puddle.The doughnut is full of fish you really dont know what you will catch next.
Barbel were introduced to this water and the willow in december 2006 and they are thriving, growing fast, fighting hard and now run to 3 1/2 pound plus in weight.
The carp run up-to the 5lb bracket so you should land them on you're match tackle.
All methods will produce but like the willow the pole is most popular, but of course the waggler and feeder have their place too.
The wider pegs like 8, 9 lend themselves to rod and line tactics.
At the moment fishing down the margins has been producing, just using the top 3 or maybe top 3 +1 of you're pole, so you're just on the shelf. Feed little and often to keep the bites coming!  pellet , caster maybe corn. 30 pound + pleasure bags.

Basically most methods will catch fish on the willow but the pole has to be the most popular.
There is no need to fish out any great distance, so a 8 metre pole is ample.
All pegs have access to deep water which can be more productive through the winter months, through the summer you will catch plenty in the margins.
All baits catch, but loose fed pellets and hook bait are very popular, along with casters and maggots... well worth a try, if the robins dont help themselves from your bait box!!

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