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Latitude: 53.10594 | Longitude: -0.217615

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Bank Farm, Marsh Lane, Tattershall, Lincolnshire LN4 4JR LN4 4JR

01526 345377


We offer a great day out for day ticket fishing and welcome match bookings.


Moon Lake
Moon Lake covers 2 acres and is the largest, deepest, and most established on the complex.

The lake is circular in shape with an almost central island which is an obvious fish holding feature, particularly during the winter months.

There are 25 comfortable pegs and the lake is set in woodland  that offer some respite when a cool wind blows.

Main species are all varieties of carp, bream, tench, barbel, and chub.

Floating baits are allowed in this lake and are a very effective method.

The lake responds equally well to both the pole and the feeder. The island is a good distance from all pegs where accurate casting will usually be highly rewarding. Floating baits are allowed in this lake and are deadly in the summer for those specimen carp up to 22lb!

Moat Lake
Moat lake is  a 30 peg 'canal' type water where the average width is 13 metres.

There are solid well maintained platforms and vehicular access to all pegs is permitted at beginning and end of your match/pleasure session (vehicles must be returned to adjacent car park whilst fishing).

The lake is reed lined on both banks and is completely surrounded by a high banking. Depths are 2-3ft in the margins and 5-6ft down the track. Main species are carp of all varieties, bream, tench, barbel, and ide.  Matches are dominated by the long pole fished tight across, with pellet  being the top bait during the warmer months.

Floating baits and bread are not allowed on this lake.

Meadow is the smallest water on the complex and is another canal type lake.  Differing from Moat in that all 17 well spaced pegs face the central island.  Depths are 2-3 ft on the far side with 4-5ft down the track. The first match held on Meadow produced the still unbeaten match record of 142lb of carp.  It is advisable to bring your trolley to reach the farthest pegs as the car park is situated a short distance from the lake.

Manor Lake
Manor has 4 islands and sport is rapidly improving with Carp to 15lb plus.

This lake offers more options as fishing with conventional rod and reel tactics to the island with both waggler or feeder is viable.

26 well spaced pegs and is the deepest (6ft) of the four newer lakes. It is advisable to bring your trolley to reach the farthest pegs as the car park is situated a short distance from the lake. Floating baits and bread are not permitted on this lake.

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A good fishery with 5 pools to suit most anglers. The Manor is full of hard fighting carp which are great fun on quiver tip. I found red maggot very good on some occasions and 6mm hooker pellet with 2mm either on a method or pellet feeder.


Guaranteed carp action! Never been and not caught at least 2 double figures!









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