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Wassell Grove Fisheries

West Midlands

Latitude: 52.44214 | Longitude: -2.091791

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Wassell Grove Lane, Hagley, West Midlands DY9 9JH DY9 9JH

07967 556 673


Wassell Grove Fisheries is probably the most beautiful site in the West Midlands. A 20 acre site, under new management since March 2008, set amidst beautiful green woodland and fields. It is a popular and challenging venue for both pleasure and match fishing.


The Grove consists of three pools, The Specimen Pool, The Match Pool and The Brook Pool. All three lakes are well stocked with Roach, Tench, Perch, Bream, Carp and Chub.

The Match Pool and Brook Pool are popular for both pleasure and match fishing, while the current record weight being 175lb . The specimen lake has produced Carp of up to nearly 30lb.

The Match Pool and Brook Pool are open in the summer on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings and Thursday and Sunday from 3pm. Book now if you are interested in fishing on Sundays as they are nearly all booked up to end of 2008. Bookings are being taken for 2009 and 2010.

Match Pool - 53 pegs

  • 3.5 acres, six islands, margin rushes, average depth 6ft
  • Carp from 8oz to 14lbs, Bream to 31bs,Tench to 31b, Ide to 2.5lbs, plus Roach, Rud, Perch, Chub
  • Bait preference is corn, meat, maggot, feeder pellets (to be bought on site)
  • Match weight best so far this year (April 08) - 147lb
Brook Pool - 26 pegs
  • 2 acres, four islands, margin rushes, depth 6ft
  • Carp up to 14lb, Bream up to 2lb, Tench up to 3lb
  • Bait preference is corn, meat, maggot, feeder pellets (to be bought on site)
Specimen Pool - 15 pegs
  • 2 acres, large island plus small island, margin rushes, depth 8ft to dam wall, rising to 5.5ft behind island
  • Carp up to 26lb, Bream, up to 4lb, Tench up to 4lb, plus silvers
  • Bait preference is boilies, corn, meat, loose feed pellets (to be bought on site)
  • When fishing for specimens, unhooking mats must be used.

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